This Site Lets You Order Real NYC Bagels To Anywhere In The Country — For Under $35

Bella Gerard
This Site Lets You Order Real NYC Bagels To Anywhere In The Country — For Under $35
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The very best part about living in New York City is neither the ambiance nor the bragging rights—it’s the food. In particular, it’s the bagels. Whenever I travel to visit friends across the country, they beg me to bring them a dozen bagels and a tub of schmear, but as a girl who already overpacks, this isn’t always realistic. If, like my friends, you live far from the Big Apple but crave an undeniably perfect bagel, there’s no shame in looking into how to get NYC bagels shipped right to your door.

Yes, it’s a thing. And yes, it’s actually hella easy.

There are quite a few businesses that specialize in doing exactly that, in fact, but mailed food can be a bit ~sketchy~, which is why I recommend placing an order through a retailer you trust. And TBH, who’s more trustworthy than QVC? Right now, Just Bagels will ship you 24 genuine NYC-style bagels for under $40 bucks. Given that this is, technically, priceless, I feel like this is hard to pass up. I mean—you impulse-buy clothes and gadgets online, so why not bagels, too?

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Just Bagels (24) 4 oz. NYC Kettle Boiled Bagel Sampler

Courtesy of QVC.

Just Bagels (24) 4 oz. NYC Kettle Boiled Bagel Sampler

My mouth is watering just looking at this picture. For today only, this Just Bagels sampler is on sale as part of QVC’s Today’s Special Value. A 24 pack of these bagels typically runs you $50. But today only, you can score them for just $34.98. Plus if you’re a first-time QVC shopper and you enter code SURPRISE at checkout, you’ll shave $10 off of your order. This sale deal will only last until midnight Feb. 9, 2023, so if you’ve been craving this New York staple, make sure to act fast!

For your snacking pleasure, you can choose from plain, savory or sweet options (and if you want them all, just order more!). Sesame and Everything bagels are currently in stock—and I cannot stress enough that this is definitely the bundle you should start off with, anyway. I’m a sesame fan myself, but most New Yorkers will tell you that everything bagels are the move, so don’t settle for anything else.

The other two options available are Cinnamon Raisin and Blueberry (both of which my old-lady heart secretly adores) and classic plain, although they’re currently waitlist only, which shows how popular these darn bagels truly are.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how to make your shipped bagels taste fresh from the oven, I saw a TikTok hack that I’m generous enough to share. Hold your frozen bagel underneath running water (cold!) for 10-30 seconds before you toast it or put it in the oven. Apparently, this helps them get that fluffy-but-chewy texture back, guaranteeing the perfect bite.

STYLECASTER | How To Get NYC Bagels Shipped

Courtesy of Just Bagels.

To think, I had no idea mailing food could be this easy, but QVC makes it a breeze—you can even break your total up into four easy payments. I’ll prob bite the bullet (err, bagel) and pay all at once, as I plan on sending these to my cousins who don’t live close enough to drive in for a Sunday bagel sesh.

If you’re already in New York, feel free to send this to all your friends who have moved away and are constantly craving a good NYC-style bagel. Or place an order for them as a surprise. No more lugging a dozen fresh ones to the airport on your next visit! They’ll already be there by the time you arrive.

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