Here’s What Filters You Should Be Using to Get More Instagram Likes

Meghan Blalock

It’s the world we live in, especially if you consider yourself part of the fashion industry: if you go to something and don’t Instagram it, it’s like you were never even there. The social media platform is a huge part of life now, so much so that some of us (ahem, we’re guilty) have had to put ourselves on a diet of only looking at Instagram for 30 minutes a day or less. Sad, but true.

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It seems that there’s at least one group of researchers who know this, and they did an official study on how exactly one can gather more Instgram “likes,” or “double-taps,” as we prefer to call them. Researchers at Curlate analyzed a whopping 8 million Instagram posts and compared them against 30 different photo parameters—like filter, coloration, and subject—and found out some interesting things. Behold:

  • Images that are predominantly blue are 24% more “liked” than photos of even other colorway.
  • Brightness should be in the 65 to 80% range; these images are generally 25% more liked.
  • You shouldn’t crop too tightly; images that have a recognizable background are 29% more liked.
  • The “Walden” and “Rise” filters—and other filters with mild desaturation—fare best, with 18% more likes.
  • If you can’t make it blue, make it predominantly one color; such photos are 40% more liked.
how to get more instagram likes

LiLo’s photo probably wouldn’t be so well-liked, if it weren’t hers.

So, what say you? Will you change the content and quality of your Instagram photos just to get more likes? Is it worth it? And furthermore, have we as a society become so focused on how “liked” we are on social media that we’re willing to go to great lengths to make sure we get as many double-taps as we can? Whether it’s sad or not, we would answer yes to all of the above.

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