How to Get Dressed and Ready Faster in the Morning

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Let’s face it—a majority of us hit snooze in the morning until the last possible moment that we have to jump out of bed and rush around getting dressed, throwing on makeup, forgoing breakfast, and bolting out the door. Sounds like a typical Tuesday, right? Despite the New Year’s resolutions we set and the numerous times we cancel our 6AM spin class, we never seem to have enough time in for a full-fledged morning routine. Enter these tips and tricks for getting ready faster in the morning, thereby helping you feel like a real #adult.

There are plenty of little tweaks that you can make at the start of the week, the night before, and each morning to cut down how long it takes you to look polished and RTG (because, let’s face it, no one wakes up looking like Beyoncé). You might even have time to eat breakfast and get to your meeting a couple minutes early. I know… crazy.

The key to having a seamless morning and getting out the door on time is by organizing, having a clean space, and planning ahead. Make sure your clothes are put away on hangers or in drawers, keep go-to pieces at the front of your closet so you can easily grab them, and we even suggest color-coding and categorizing so you know exactly where everything is.

Here are our best tips to help you have a speedy and stress-free AM routine.

Before the Week Starts

Think about your week ahead and roughly plan out your outfits for the week. Do you have any big events, meetings, or parties you need a special outfit for? Does anything need to be dry-cleaned, washed, or tailored? By reviewing a rough outline of your week, it’ll help you fill in any gaps so you’re not caught unprepared (like, you know, realizing every white tee you own is in the laundry or all your tights have runs).

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The Night Before

Plan Your Outfit
Now that you know your schedule for the next day, planning your outfit in advance can ultimately save you about 15-30 minutes the next morning. Check the weather, the details of your schedule, steam/iron if necessary, and pick out accessories and shoes. I also always mentally plan an alternative to the look, like a different shirt or shoe in case I’m not liking it once I put it on in the morning. If you don’t have time to steam, hang your clothes in your bathroom while you shower or toss in the dryer for a few minutes.

Pack Your Bags
Pack your purse, work bag, gym bag, breakfast/lunch, and anything else you might need for the following day. This will eliminate the last-minute morning rush out the door and possibility of forgetting to pack something important.

We realize that it’s about 50-50 when it comes to morning versus night shower-goers, but it can really cut out a decent part of your morning routine. You can also always quickly rinse off your body in the morning or wet your hair, but get the major work of washing your hair and shaving done at night. If you’re someone who styles, curls, or straightens their hair every day, try doing it at night and then do touch ups in the morning. Also, using a silk pillowcase can help preserve your hair style and reduce frizz.

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In the Morning

Simplify Your Makeup and Hair Routine
In case you’re running late, make sure your go-to products are within reach so you can throw them on in 2 minutes. If you don’t have time to do a perfect brow, use Glossier Boy Brow to fill them in fast. Keep 3-in-1 multi-sticks for blush, eyes, and lips in your bag, and always have a hair tie, bobby pins, and some dry shampoo on hand for late starts so you can throw your hair in a low bun or top knot and head out.

EMERGENCY: You Need to Change Your Outfit
What do you do if you’re absolutely not feeling the look you picked out the night before? (It happens to everyone.) No worries—pick out a look from those go-to pieces from that area of your closet (aren’t you glad you planned and organized ahead?). When all else fails, go dark monochromatic with all black or navy, because it will instantly make the last-minute outfit feel and look more elevated. Throw on one piece of statement jewelry and possibly a third layer of a jacket, blazer, or coat.

A few other go-to outfits to keep in mind when you’re rushed: dresses, denim, jumpsuits, jeans and a blouse, or a matching suit. If you’re frazzled and behind, make sure to go for a look that you’ve have worn or feel comfortable in. If you’re trying to think outside the box and try something new, you might feel a little unfinished or uncomfortable—the worst feeling ever. This is why it’s great to have those key items you know are easy to style sectioned off in your closet so you can pluck them at a moment’s notice and feel awesome all day.

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