How To Get Beachy Waves in One Simple Step (Seriously!)


Okay guys, we’re officially in the thick of summer. Or, more specifically, summer weekends.

Whether your plans include hopping in the car for a quick getaway, heading to the beach with friends, or simply staying put, there’s nothing better than those two blissful days. However, just because you’re technically off the clock doesn’t mean your style and beauty routines need to take a hit. In fact, we could argue that it’s even more important to look amazing during long summer weekends simply because you have more exciting places to go!

One area where this is particularly important: Our hair. We’re sure you can agree that summer brings with it an insatiable desire to embrace easy-breezy waves that require minimal effort and look maximally chic. That said, the last thing we want to do is waste precious time off wrangling with a gazillion hot tools to achieve summery locks.

That’s why, right now, we’re loving the idea of being able to capture that perfect beachy texture—you know, the one you get when just the right amount of time is spent taking the sun, the salt and the sand—using only one tool: A flat iron!

What’s awesome about using a flatiron to wave your hair is that it’s less time-consuming than dealing with a hairdryer and a curling iron, and it also takes up less space in your overnight bag! We’re also loving the fact that it can be done on hair that’s been left to its own devices, meaning letting your hair dry naturally after a shower only ups the beachiness of the look.

Check out the how-to video below to learn how to wave your hair using nothing but a flatiron. Not only is it ridiculously simple, but it’s ridiculously fast, which means you can be out enjoying your weekend instead of spending it on your hair.

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