How To Find Your Third Space, The Escapist Cure Taking Over TikTok

How To Find Your Third Space, The Escapist Cure Taking Over TikTok
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When was the last time you felt safe in a bustling city? I asked that question recently to my boyfriend on a Menty H Walk in Brooklyn (also known as a Mental Health Walk, basically a mindful version of the Hot Girl Walk) and he told me, almost sadly, that he can’t remember. As inflation increases and yet, our salaries stay the same, it can be harder and harder for young adults to be able to afford apartments on their own for some sweet alone time. The flexible office routines we have now post-pandemic are barely an escape—sure, it’s a physical relocation from your home, but it’s for the hustle and not for rest. More and more people have started looking for a Third Space, a place to feel authentically themselves; to slow down, create and fill their souls. The Third Space serves as a cure to overwhelm. Most importantly, it’s inexpensive and attainable. 

Nostalgia for simpler times is at an all-time high, as Gen Z, zillennials and millennials have been navigating their way through a strange patch of adulthood. Many aim to escape into a world of soothing aesthetics and less tech. For some, their Third Space is a regular workout studio they feel welcome at, but for others, bookstores are making a comeback. The rise of BookTok on TikTok and cafe culture on the internet reaffirms this trend. 

Although I have a penchant for local bookstores as my own Third Space, there are a multitude of other options that could benefit you. Here’s a guide to figuring out where your Third Space is, based on how you like to de-stress.

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If You Like to Sweat, Try a Yoga or Pilates Studio

Although working out seems like the antithesis of taking a step back, it’s a pure mandated hour away from any screens, so you can focus on yourself and your breath. Remember to keep hydrated while you undo all the bustle from the day at yoga and bring a good insulated water bottle, mat and towel. Cute workout clothes are also encouraged.

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If You Like to Socialize, Try a Cafe

If you recharge your social battery through conversations with friends and loved ones, a neighborhood cafe is your go-to. Snag a table outside with your friend, sip on an iced coffee (I like bringing my own reusable and refillable cups), and let the sunshine hit your skin. It can be hard to beat such simple yet fulfilling moments like this.

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If You Like to Create, Try a Local Bookstore

It can be uninspiring to try and brainstorm new ideas for a song or an art piece in the same old apartment you live out of; a switch-up to a local bookstore can help with that. Where else can you sip on a comforting oat milk latte, pull out a crisp Moleskine and gliding pen from a cute tote bag, and let your mind wander off while in a locale filled to the brim with words and pictures? 

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If You Like to Tune Out, Try a Park

Whether it’s New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or any metropolis in between, a park is amazingly accessible. Any type of nature and greenery is healing. Throw on your best matching athleisure set, baseball cap and sunglasses, and fanny pack and take yourself on that Menty H/Hot Girl Walk. Your mind and body will thank you.

If no one these locations appeal to you, toward inward. Where do you feel the most relaxed and inspired? After all, anywhere where time seems to stand still can be your Third Space—exploring and tapping into what kind of spot you end up unwinding at is part of the fun. 

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