5 Ways To Dress Up Sneakers This Season

Leah Bourne

For some reason, women have adopted the style mantra “pain is beauty” and—as we’re starting to realize—it’s completely unnecessary. Wearing a pair of four-inch stilettos is fine for those special occasions, but sometimes you want to feel comfortable and ready to tackle the world in a pair of sneakers.

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Lucky for us all, designers have been flipping for sneakers, and some of our favorite style stars have mastered the art of dressing them up.  Yes ladies, sneakers are now appropriate for more than just a trip to the gym, endorsed by everyone from Karl Lagerfeld on Chanel’s spring haute couture runway to Isabel Marant, who can’t seem to keep sneakers in stock.

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Here, five outfit ideas to get you started for those moments when you simply can’t bear the thought of teetering on another pair of heels, but also need to look presentable.

1. Wear sneakers with something totally unexpected—like a tutu. Sneakers and a tutu? We never would have thought it, but this outfit totally works. The trick here is keeping the bulk of the outfit neutral (in this case grey) and let the accessories pop.

"Clouds of Sils Maria" Dinner Party - The 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival

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2. Opt for fancy sneakers, which deserve to be paired with an equally fancy outfit.  We never thought we’d see the day when Chanel would put sneakers down its haute couture runway, albeit versions in tweed and transparent lace, but it was the ultimate statement that you really can wear sneakers for evening. Look for a pair of fancy sneakers (in anything from lace to calf hair) and pair them with an evening outfit, just like Kristen Stewart did (pictured above).

3. You can’t go wrong in high-tops and a black mini dress.  So simple, and yet so sexy, pair a black-mini dress (that would look a little too sexy with a pair of heels) with a pair of high-top sneakers, like Poppy Delevingne did (above). This is the perfect cool girl date outfit that will definitely get you noticed, without making it look like you tried too hard.

sneakers 5 Ways To Dress Up Sneakers This Season

Photo: Jenny Norris For StyleCaster

4. Turn a ladylike outfit into something sporty with a pair of sneakers. Morph a ladylike dress—in this case a chic white shirt dress—into an athletic inspired outfit, just with a pair of sneakers. We love that these cobalt blue slip-on sneakers give this outfit a cool minimalist vibe, which keeps this outfit from feeling too predictable.

5. Bring a pop of color into your outfit with a pair of neon sneakers.  The pop of color this pair of neon sneakers brings to this chic, albeit a bit boring on its own black and white outfit, couldn’t feel more perfect.