Google Quietly Released a Way to Download Everything You’ve EVER Searched For

Export Your Entire Search HistoryPhoto: @penheartspaper

While you were sleeping last night, Google rolled out a new way to download your entire search history with just a couple of clicks. We can’t decide if this is a good thing or a terrifying thing, but either way, it’s interesting. Over the entire history of your internet use, Google has been quietly watching everything you search for, and then stored the information away precisely for this moment.

Google History just rolled out the new download feature which lets you save an archive of past searches all in one compressed .zip file. Yep, we mean everything.

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If you decide you really do want to go there and dig up every sordid or mundane thing you wanted to know more about over the years, it’s easy enough to do. Just log in to Google History, click the settings icon on the right, and hit “download.” Once your search archive downloads, it will contain a series of .json files, which you then open in text editor and search for “query_text” to see your history.
We should mention that simply downloading your search history won’t delete it from your computer, but you still can delete your search history manually. Good luck–and remember there are some things that are just better left unseen.