The Adult Film Star’s Guide to How to Do a Striptease (Sans Cheese)

STYLECASTER | How to Do a Strip Tease
Photo: STYLECASTER/Tory Rust

We’ve seen guys do it in mainstream movies like “Magic Mike” and adult movies (like “Magic Mike XXXL: A Hardcore Parody”) and we’ve also seen it just about everywhere—stripping your clothes off for your lover is a thing. You may not have the training of a burlesque dancer or know how to work the pole, but reading this will give you a few tips about how to do it without looking like Cameron Diaz in “Charlie’s Angels.”

Pick a Song That Works for You

You want music you’re comfortable with—something that speaks to you and has good rhythm (but not too fast, or you’ll be looking like a Zumba class). Think slow and sensual—but it can be nearly any genre. Also, make sure the lyrics convey the right message. Yes, The Weeknd‘s “Wicked Games” sounds sexy, but the first few lyrics could be the opposite of what you want.

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Consider What to Wear

You can strip out of anything, really, but lingerie or a costume can really get your partner going. There are two important questions to ask yourself here: “Do I feel sexy in this?” and, “Can I take this off easily?” Nothing ruins a good striptease like getting your head stuck in a bodysuit with your arms trapped overhead.

Set the Mood

Pick a clean spot—a couch or recliner is best. A hard chair is fine, but remember, this may lead to sex, and you’ll want the most comfortable spot. Consider low lights or candlelight: not only is it sexy; but for most people, it’s easier to undress in the dark. Also eliminate distractions by locking doors, turning off phones, etc.

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Get Down to It

You don’t have to do choreographed dance moves (in fact, it’s often better when it’s more organic and less forced). You don’t have to move on every beat either. Walk slowly towards your partner from across the room. Make eye contact. When you start taking things off, do it slowly and deliberately. Have them help you with a clasp or a zipper to get them into it (and also so you’re not fumbling in the dark). Keep in mind, you don’t have to take it all off. Strippers and adult performers most always leave shoes on.

If you run out of ways to sway your hips and run your hands up and down your body, bend over slowly and then raise back up. Or raise your arms over your head and arch your back. You can also kneel in front of them, face to face. Take their hands and either prevent them from touching you or place them right on you. Floor work could be an advanced thing, but crawling (sexy cat-like crawling) can be awesome, too.

Be Real

You’re providing a fantasy, but stay in the moment. Be you. The more you’re into this, the more they will be too. If you haven’t already, practice this in front of a mirror… and if you’re bold, take a video. You can have this for your own use, or send it to your partner as a preview of what’s to come.