How to DIY American Flag Denim Shorts

Patriotic clothing gets a bad rap for being too literal, too tacky, or too “uncle Bob goes to a barbecue.” However, in recent months, we’ve seen a stylish uptick in ways that bloggers, street style stars, and models wear clothes emblazoned with stars and stripes, proving that Americana gear can be quite hip and laid-back when worn thoughtfully. The best way to show your pride? By DIY-ing a pair of American Flag denim shorts!

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Below, we’ve highlighted 4 easy ways to make your own Old Glory-themed denim shorts depending on the look you want, the tools you can get, and the DIY savvy you have. When paired with a white tee, a messy side braid, and a cool pair of kicks, you’re guaranteed to be the coolest girl at any 4th of July bash.

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Photo: Free People blog

1. Using stencils and tape.
If you’re looking to DIY American flag shorts that are fairly basic, check out Free People’s blog, which shows you how to do it in a few insanely simple steps. All you’ll need is old shorts, painters tape, fabric spray paint, foam paint brushes, and star stencils (which can be found here!)

2. Using a potato (seriously.)
If you don’t want to wait to find star stencils, you can use a potato as a stamp as the blogger behind Peace Love and Quinoa brilliantly pointed out. Here’s how:

Cut a large potato in half. With a paper towel, wipe away excess moisture and let it sit to dry for a few minutes. With a pen (or anything sharp), poke 5 holes in to the potato to be the 5 points of your star. (You could probably use a sharpie to dot the points in as well. Make your star as big as you can. Next, score half triangles, connecting each of the dots with a paring knife.

Once you are satisfied with the shape of your star, cut the 5 triangles out with the paring knife. Cut deeper in to the lines that you have scored, and you should be able to break that part of the potato away from the star. If you are not satisfied with your star, use the other half of the potato to make another.

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These were made using a potato as a star stamp!
Photo: Peace Love and Quinoa

3. Using an actual American flag
If you really want to take the easy route, grab an actual American flag from any dollar store, and cut it in half (don’t worry, it’s not unpatriotic if you’re making something new with it!), then use fabric glue to paste it on either leg of your denim shorts, or on the back pockets for a more discrete nod to your country. Check out how cool the below blogger looks in her fabric American flag shorts.

american flag denim shorts sexy hipster blogger coachella festivals

Photo: Runway Dreamz

4. Using dye and studs
If you’re feeling seriously crafty, why not take a stab at making a pair of cool red, white, and blue dip-dyed denim shorts with star-shaped studs? Check out this awesome video tutorial by Daniela Tabois to learn how to make ’em!

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