How to Distress Your Own Furniture Using Vinegar

How to distress your furniture

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Just like denim, wood furniture looks better when it’s a little beat up. Sadly though, furniture stores know this, and aged timber decor is nowhere near as affordable as its worn look might suggest. However, there’s a quick trick that you can do yourself to transform any old piece of furniture into the MVP of your shabby chic-themed home.

Here’s the tip: After dusting off and wiping down the piece of furniture with a clean, damp rag, paint it the color of your choice. White and pastel shades are trending on the home decor scene, but pick whatever shade you want.

After the paint has dried—you’ll probably want to do two or three coats, depending on the darkness of the piece and the quality of the paint—fill a spray bottle with vinegar (either distilled white vinegar or apple cider will work) and a dash of water, and spray the painted wood. Using a clean, white rag, rub the wood to remove some of the paint and create a worn look. Some DIY bloggers also recommend using steel wool to wear away the paint, depending on how distressed you want the finished product to be. Then, voila: A freshly-aged piece of furniture.

If you’re a bit nervous about ruining a big piece of furniture, try something smaller first, like these wood letters.

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