12 Home Decor Tweaks to Make Your Space More Summery

After putting up with winter for approximately a zillion months (fine, three), you’re probably itching to make your personal space reflect the changing seasons—we do it with our wardrobes, right?

Despite what you might think, updating your home is actually pretty easy—and affordable. Maybe you want to open up your space, or experiment with color–or maybe you’re just not sure where to start. Keep reading, because we rounded up 13 easy-to-follow tips to whip your place into summer shape–from larger redecorating advice to minor changes even renters can do.

1. Repaint your ceilings white. Nothing makes a space feel less airy than a dingy ceiling. Luckily, this issue is easy to fix–a lick of fresh white paint can work wonders. All white paints are not created equal however–some are warmer than others or have a yellowish tone, so do your research before starting the project, or hiring a painter.

home decor inspirationPhoto: Domino

2. Add indoor plants. We can’t all be blessed with a garden–or let’s be real, even a balcony–but you can bring the outdoors to you with indoor plants. Choose types that don’t need too much sunlight and that are almost impossible to kill, like succulents, snake plants, or bamboo palms.

indoor plants decorating ideaPhoto: Hunting For George

3. Swap your curtains. Heavy, ornate curtains can have a warm, luxurious feel for winter, but it’s easy to swap them out for lighter versions once the weather warms up. You already have a curtain rod, so look for airy, sheer fabrics like chiffon. Not only will these open up a room, but they’ll let in more sunlight.

4. Rotate your art. Bright, summery prints are a fun way to freshen up your walls for spring and summer–plus, they cost just about nothing on Etsy, so you can easily rotate pieces every season.

home decorating ideasPhoto: Domino

5. Choose a pastel or primary palette for your accent pieces. Play it safe by picking furniture in neutral colors that work all year round–this gives you room to then have fun with soft furnishings and accent pieces in prints and bright hues. Try freshening up a grey or white couch with cushions in pink, mint, and blue, or swap a glass vase for something in a primary color.

6. Keep your fruit bowl filled with vibrant, in-season produce. A filled fruit bowl adds a natural shot of color into your kitchen and reminds everyone that yes, it’s finally spring. Oh, and now there’s always something to snack on.

home decor inspirationPhoto: Charlotte Lovey

7. Swap in a glass door. If your landlord is cool with you making large-scale changes, first of all, lucky you. Try and swap out a heavy wood door for something glass that lets the light flow through between rooms and make the most of that spring sun. Obviously this isn’t a cheap project, so think hard as to whether you’re okay with keeping the new doors in permanently.

8. Spray paint furniture in new colors. Here’s a fun DIY project for you: Spray paint old furniture in brights, pastels, metallics, or airy neutrals. It’s a cheap way to get a brand-new look.

9. Add large mirrors to your walls. Buying a large mirror for your wall will be one of the best investments you make. By reflecting the light–even if there isn’t much–a mirror automatically opens up a room and makes it feel bigger and more open.

10. Decorate with flowers. For less than your weekly coffee budget, you can hit up the bodega on the corner, grab some flowers and change the whole look and feel of your home. Look for bright flowers like sunflowers, carnations, peonies, and tulips to really create a summery feel.

summer decorating ideasPhoto: I Spy DIY

11. Add wicker or woven pieces. Even if it’s just adding a wicker vase to a table or swapping in a great woven blanket in place of the cozy tartan one that’s on your couch.

12. Pick bright tablewear and cups. A table setting in bold hues or soft pastels is a fun option for summer entertaining. Pretty sure it even makes the food look more tasty.

pastel platesPhoto: The Kawaii Kitchen

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