6 Ways to Decorate with Neutrals In Your Home—That Aren’t Boring

6 Ways to Decorate with Neutrals In Your Home—That Aren’t Boring
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From accessories to big-ticket furniture, versatile neutrals work in any setting. If you’re getting cold feet about going bold, don’t cave to the peer pressure! Just go neutral.

Our designer Ariel Farmer takes us through a few of our favorite projects that best utilize cream and beige colorways. Explaining how to best pull off the serene hues without making your space feel sterile is a big challenge. So is avoiding the “Grandma-was-here” look. There’s a lot of focus on texture, shape, and quality details but don’t keep reading about it here!

Take a browse through the slideshow to see how the pros do it.

Text by Anna Gray

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A neutral design scheme is the perfect setting for an amazing, intricate piece of art. Instead of going for traditional black-and-white photography, try something bold and graphic. It's a bit less predictable and often times much more engaging.

Photo: Homepolish

Neutral interiors work best when you incorporate a variety of textures. They keep the space from seeming too one-dimensional. One of my favorite ways to add in texture is with a sheepskin throw or hide rug. Soft, stylish, and very transitional.

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Just as I encourage the use of texture in neutral spaces, I also strive to use a variety of finishes. Remember neutral doesn't have to mean monochromatic—in this space, warm caramel-colored leather, a white lacquer and walnut credenza, and a glass coffee table couldn't be more different. However, together they are all extremely cohesive!

Photo: Homepolish

Make your ordinary sofa extraordinary with a beautiful white quilt! Layering a sofa with blankets and pillows in various shades of white makes it look cozy and welcoming. And for the stain-prone, white sofas are not out-of-bounds if you cover the furniture in machine-washable throws and pillows.

Photo: Homepolish

Custom details are a great way to add visual interest when working with a limited color palette. These custom wooden handles are a knock-out!

Photo: Homepolish

Don't be afraid to mix wood tones—it only adds to the visual interest! Here, a dark stained reclaimed table beautifully complements oak flooring.

Photo: Homepolish

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