13 Chic-as-Hell Ways to Incorporate Color Into Your Home

13 Chic-as-Hell Ways to Incorporate Color Into Your Home
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Black-and-white is beautiful (and timeless), but there are people in this world who gravitate toward color and crave it in their home. When incorporated artfully into a room, bold shades can bring life and energy to your space and to you—literally, some research has found.

You don’t even have to be a devout color lover to make it work: You can use washed-out tones or the occasional well-chosen accessory to bring personality to shelves, furniture, or floors.

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Here, check out 13 well-styled, colorful rooms for inspiration to bring more color to your own home.


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Using a washed-out palette allows you to incorporate lots of different hues—blush, salmon, gray, and blue—and still have the look be soothing, not loud.

Binti Home Blog

Pick a color family (like deep blues) and sprinkle it throughout a room for a cohesive look.

Nuevo Estila

The art, throw pillows, and rug in this room add fun to a mostly white space—and the fact that they're not overly matchy makes it look sophisticated and surprising.

Inside Out

A pine ceiling and black-and-white accents offset rich red and purple furniture.
The New York Times

Don't discount the power of picking one statement piece in a great color—like this purple dining room table—and decorating around it.

Inside Out

Hot pink café chairs add fun and freshness to a breakfast nook.

Design Sponge

Pick one surprising feature in an otherwise plain room—like the wooden shutters here—and go full-on with a color you love.

Pippa Jameson Interiors

Contrasting pastels such as pink, mint, and yellow with grays and blues makes them look less sweet.

My Attic

An accent wall and retro minimalist furniture make this living area look lush.

Masquespacio Interior Design

Not-perfectly matching shades of orange work beautifully in this minimalist living room.

Inside Out

There's something so pretty about a deep blue and red chair next to a watercolor that uses pale versions of the same colors.

Aubrie Pick Interiors

A series of primary colors, in chairs, cushions, or art, looks simple yet cool.

Klopf Architecture

Paint a floor—or use a vibrant rug—to liven up a hallway.


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