5 Ways to De-Slob Your House In 5 Minutes or Less

Meghan Blalock

Look, it’s no secret: dudes are renowned for being the messier sex. No matter how much we love them, we’ll never get used to how they can never seem to keep their kitchen sink free from dishes, why they find it impossible to hang their clothes up as soon as they take them off, and so on. It boggles the mind.

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That’s not to say we don’t acknowledge that we ladies can be insanely messy as well; heck, we know some women who are right up there with guys when it comes to the inability to keep their homes tidy. For both the genders (but, let’s be honest, mostly for the men), we’ve come up with five super easy ways to de-slob your space in five minutes or less. (Really!)

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Not only are these tactics easy, they can also be downright fun, especially if you and your better half tackle them together. Read on!

1. Pick one, small flat surface and clear it right now. Not later! Now.
This could be a counter in your kitchen, your at-home desk, your coffee table. It doesn’t even have to be large; it could be one single shelf in your bathroom or living room. Pick one, and clear it of things that don’t belong there or that aren’t currently being used.

Tomorrow, pick another flat surface and do the same. Eventually, you want to clear all flat surfaces in your home of unnecessary clutter. One small step at a time.

2. Pick up 5 small objects you use on a regular basis, and find a home for them.
Often, clutter occurs because you leave out the household objects you most regularly use (think: laptop, tablet, shoes, keys, blankets, etc.). Go around your house and simply grab¬†five of those¬†objects that are in the wrong place, and move them to a place that can be properly designated their “home.”

Commit to putting those objects back in their home whenever you’re done using them. Later, expand and do five more objects, and so on.

3. Do not start using the kitchen until all dirty objects are cleaned.
Make a simple promise to yourself: Before you use your kitchen again (whether it’s to prepare a meal or to pour yourself a glass of wine), clean up the space. It’s easy to fall into a cycle of letting dishes pile up in the sink, stains form on the counter, or garbage bags remain full, so this straightforward vow you make to yourself can help you break out of that cycle.

4. Take out a drawer, empty it, and re-prioritize it.
Just focus your efforts on one single drawer. Pull it out, empty it onto a table, then prioritize the contents into three piles: 1. things that do, indeed, belong in this drawer; 2. things that belong elsewhere; and 3. things that belong in the trash, recycling, or give-away pile. Re-organize the drawer with only the things that do indeed belong inside it.

When you feel ready, do the same for another drawer, then another, aiming to do the same for all the drawers in your house.

5. Make a 30-day list and tack it up in your house.
A big part of the reason clutter accumulates over time and becomes unmanageable is that human beings have a nasty tendency to just keep buying more stuff. Create a 30-day list for yourself; any time you want to purchase something that’s not absolutely necessary, add it to the list and wait 30 days before you buy it.

If you still desperately want it after that period of time, go ahead; but often, you’ll lose the urge, saving yourself both a ton of money and unwanted clutter around the house.

If you’re not int0 the 30 days idea, vow to get rid of something similar every time you bring home something new, even if it’s as small as a pair of socks.