How to Clean White Sneakers: A 4-Step Guide

One look at the street style and fashion blogger crowd will tell you that white sneakers are having a moment that shows absolutely no sign of ending any time soon. While there’s a lot to love about the trend–comfort, for one, as well as the versatility a simple sneaker can offer a busy girl’s wardrobe–white canvas kicks can get really dirty, really easily. Luckily the solution is simple: Four quick steps to keep them gleaming wear after wear. Here’s how!

1. Spot clean.
Spot cleaning should be done regularly to stop any stains from sinking into the fabric. Buy a stain removal pen and keep it handy for this.

2. Machine wash.
It might feel wrong to toss your white kicks into the washing machine, but it’s actually very effective. Throw your pair of sneakers in with some old towels (to stop the sneakers making a loud banging noise) and set the water to cold. Add in a regular amount of detergent and turn the machine on. Be wary about using bleach as it could weaken the fabric.

3. Dry naturally.
Don’t throw your sneakers in the dryer—this may affect the shape. Instead, set them in a warm, dry place and let them air dry.

4. Clean the rubber.
Annoying stains can stick to the rubber of your shoe, even after a thorough machine wash. You should clean the rubber separately from the canvas using a white rag or paper towel soaked in soapy water. If the stains insist on sticking, try a rubbing alcohol to get the marks out.

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