Backstage Beauty: How To Get Beautiful Casual Waves

Devon Hay

Long a staple on Hollywood starlets and casual cool models, the perfectly tousled, softly-mussed wave manages to channel both laid-back style and instant glamour. Whether worn with bangs or loose and long, the look isn’t hard to emulate and can be whipped up with a variety of hair textures. We went backstage at the Spring 2013 Marchesa show with Fekkai stylist Lindsay Block and model Sandra Rieder to see how to get the look. Watch the video above for an insider look at how you can achieve these perfect waves in a snap!

How to get the look at home:

  • Separate your hair from the front to the back behind the ears & clip up
  • Take the back section of your hair, split in two, and clip up one of the sides
  • Take one vertical section of hair from top to bottom
  • Grab your hot iron and roll away from face (as you roll, make sure you twist at the same time)
  • Once hair is heated through, gently take it off the roller and let set so waves cool in place
  • Repeat the above on other side of hair
  • Once you’ve gone through all the hair, run your fingers though to get your desired look
  • Finish off with Fekkai’s Coiff Sheer Hold Hairspray to keep your look for longer without hair getting stiff or sticky

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