How to Build a Fashion First Aid Kit

As modern woman, we pride ourselves on our innate ability to handle any emergency that comes our way—even those of the fashion and beauty variety. Okay fine, a few loose beads, a falling hemline, or major hair static probably can’t be classified as dire disasters, but they can be real bitch in the moment—especially when we’re not able to access our arsenal of go-to fixes. That’s why it pays to know which everyday items can pull double duty in a pinch.

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Read on to find out how to build a fashion first aid kit to help you out of any fashion emergency!


Super Glue
Put a dot of super glue on a loose bead or sequin that you don’t have time to sew back on.

Double-Stick Tape
In a pinch, it fixes falling hemlines, removes lint, and it keeps your boobs in place.

A Black Sharpie
Scuffed your black heels or shoe soles? Use a Sharpie to fill it in. This also works if you’ve chipped a dark manicure.

Hanger Foam
Stash a piece of protective foam from the dry cleaner in your bag—it flawlessly removes deodorant, food, and makeup stains on fabric!

Clear Nail Polish 
Got a run in your tights? A light coat will ensure sure they don’t rip even more.

Dryer Sheets
Keep one in your purse to kill clothing static-cling, and staticy hair.

Wet Wipes
These clean dirty shoes, spot-clean clothes, loosen too-tight rings, and clean your hands if you’re not near a sink.

Plain Lip Balm
Plain balm can tame flyaways in a pinch, can make your teeth look shinier, and can even sooth a paper cut or a burn (damn that curling iron.)

Mini Flat Iron
If real ironing isn’t an option, a travel-sized flat iron can easily remove wrinkles from collars, cuffs, and hems.

A Coffee Fiter
Fold one up and stick it in your makeup bag—they absorb shine as well as—if not better than—pricey oil-blotting sheets.

In a pinch, the edge of a matchbook can double as a nail file.