The New Season of ‘Love Is Blind’ Is Coming Soon—Here’s How to Be in the Next Cast

Love Is Blind
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By now, most of us have seen Love Is Blind, Netflix’s dating show that brought us historic moments like Jessica’s dog drinking wine and Nick Lachey introducing himself as “obviously, Nick Lachey.” If you’re anything like us, you may also be wondering how to be cast on Love Is Blind, so you, too, can find love in The Pods.

Love Is Blind, a dating show where people can’t see each other, premiered on Netflix in February 2020. The first two episodes followed a couple dozen singles who dated in Pods, where they could only hear each other. At the end of the Pod experience, the closest couples got engaged while the others went home.

The engaged couples were then able to see each other for the first time and were put through a series of real-life experiences to test their relationship: a honeymoon in Mexico, moving in together, visiting each other’s families. If their love survived, the couples then married at the end of the season. If there were any doubts, one or both members of the couple were left at the altar. If that sounds like something you’re down for, read on to find out how to be cast on Love Is Blind.

Fill Out an Application

Love Is Blind

Image: Netflix.

For season 1, Love Is Blind used a production company called Kinetic Content. Donna Driscoll, Kinetic Content’s VP of Casting, told Decider that viewers should bookmark two sites to be cast on future seasons. Netflix confirmed that Love Is Blind was renewed for seasons 2 and 3 in March 2020. Production started on the seasons around April 2021. Still, there will be more Love Is Blind, so be sure to follow the instructions below if you want to be on a future season.

As of March 2020, casting is now open, so viewers should fill out and submit their applications ASAP. Driscoll also recommends following Kinetic Content’s Twitter and Instagram for updates on the casting process.

Live in the Selected City

Love Is Blind

Image: Netflix.

Love Is Blind season 1 filmed in Atlanta, which is why the entire cast lived in the same area. “The reason that we did that was because we wanted to give these people a real shot at making their relationships work for the long term,” creator Chris Coelen told Entertainment Tonight. Love Is Blind season 2 will film in Chicago. Cities for future seasons haven’t been announced yet.

Check Your DMs


Image: Netflix.

Amber and Barnett, one of the married couples from season 1, told The Los Angeles Times in 2020 that they were scouted for Love Is Blind on Instagram from casting producers who used Atlanta hashtags and locations to find singles to cast. I got a random message request on Instagram from somebody who was like, ‘How would you feel about being on TV?'” Amber said. “And I was a little sketched out. Like, ‘Uh-huh, what do you mean? What do you want me to do? This is really suspicious. Will I have clothes on? Like, what do you want here?'”

Damien, another contestant on the show, told Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he was scouted on Tinder by a casting producer who catfished him. “I’m probably one of the most interesting cases because they actually found me on Tinder,” he said. “I started chatting to this girl, hit it off, she’s like, ‘add me on her Instagram.’ We had a pretty good connection then she’s like, ‘I’m a casting producer. I’m a catfish.’ But now I’m here.”

Don’t Be Fame Thirsty

Love Is Blind, Season 1: Lauren & Cameron

Image: Netflix.

Coelen told Entertainment Weekly that the show’s casting producers looked for singles who genuinely were looking for love and weeded out anyone who seemed like they just wanted to be on a TV show. “I think that’s really key; we want people who aren’t just doing it for the attention,” he said. “There’s certainly plenty of places for people who want to do stuff for the attention. We wanted to be really dealing with people who were genuinely interested in it.”

The creator also explained to Express that casting producers tried to find contestants who were interested in marriage. “We picked participants really based on the feelings that they expressed and our judgement about whether or not they were really interested in exploring a lifelong relationship and/or getting married,” he said. “Obviously, you never know whether people really want it or don’t want it. But at least they were expressing a desire to do that and exhibiting a genuineness.”

Love Is Blind is available to stream on Netflix.

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