9 Stylish Ways to Inject Color Into Your Drab Winter Wardrobe

Meghan Blalock
9 Stylish Ways to Inject Color Into Your Drab Winter Wardrobe
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If there’s one thing many of our winter wardrobes are guilty of, it’s drabness. The cold months tend to zap us of any inspiration to wear bold, colorful pieces, and suddenly we find ourselves dressing in head-to-toe black, brown, navy, and plenty of other tones that can’t classify as anything other than “neutral.” And while all those shades certainly have their place, there is such thing as too much of a good thing.

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In laywoman’s terms: dark colors = boredom. People tend to dress how they feel, and the reverse is also true: If you walk around in nothing but black all the time, eventually you start to feel black on the inside. And while that might be okay for a short amount of time, after a while it just becomes depressing. And that’s the opposite of what clothes are supposed to do: Make you feel better!

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Well, we’re here to help. Inspired by our own affinity for wearing far too many neutrals in the winter, we came up with nine solid ways to inject color into your cool-weather wardrobe. Click through the gallery to see what we came up with!

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1. Wear a brightly colored jacket.

If there's one singular item you can add to your wardrobe this winter to jazz it up a little, it's a brightly colored jacket. Pick a solid one in your favorite hue, then you can wear it over anything you want for an instant dose of color.

Photo: Vincenzo Grillo/IMAXTREE.COM

2. Use color blocking to your advantage.

If you prefer the multi-tone route, invest in a jacket (or any piece, really) that prominently features color blocking. We love how this gal used her fluffy hat to pull out the pastel pink shade on her coat.

Photo: Vincenzo Grillo/IMAXTREE.COM

3. Rock a bold shoe.

Wearing a fur-covered pair of pumps is certainly optional, but picking a bright hue like orange or red is a great way to make an otherwise dull winter look stand out.

4. Offset dark staples with a cheery bag.

If colored shoes aren't your thing, try a bag instead. This is a fantastic option for those of us who prefer to stick to browns, blacks, and other neutrals during the colder months; a pastel or primary-colored bag will add a pop of color to your palette without overpowering your look.

Photo: Vincenzo Grillo/IMAXTREE.COM

5. Primary, primary, primary.

While pastels and fluorescents certainly have their place in any woman's closet, primary colors pack the ultimate punch in the winter time. They place so well next to neutrals, and they all also complement each other; red and blue, yellow and green, orange and violet—pick a combination and work it.

Photo: Vincenzo Grillo/IMAXTREE.COM

6. Drape yourself in a colored fur.

If real fur isn't your thing, this one works with faux as well (and sometimes, the colored faux options are even better than the real deal!) Like wearing a colored jacket or any vibrant outerwear piece, a bright fur allows you freedom to wear dark neutrals as your staples, without being boring.

Photo: Vincenzo Grillo/IMAXTREE.COM

7. Step out in a bright trouser.

If furs and heels aren't really your thing, you can make a more impactful statement by choosing a staple pant in a bright tone. We love the fuchsia trousers this woman wore so well, but we love the idea of a cobalt or hunter green pair as well.

Photo: Vincenzo Grillo/IMAXTREE.COM

8. Make your hands pop with vibrant gloves.

If you really want to show the world you know how to use contrast to your advantage, do like this gal and wearing nothing but black and white—except for your gloves. Whether you go with red, purple, yellow, or really any richly hued color, your hands will be talking, whether you are or not.

9. Go all out.

And if you can't figure out a way to make your outfit work with just one or two colorful accents, deck yourself in head-to-toe color. Above all, feel free to experiment; winter clothes have a strong tendency to be incredibly boring, and sometimes you just have to change it up. Mix colors in wild ways, and find out what works for you. After all, the only thing you have to lose is your ennui.

Photo: Vincenzo Grillo/IMAXTREE.COM

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