How To Tie A Scarf In 5 Different Ways

How To Tie A Scarf In 5 Different Ways
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The concept of tying a scarf seems like such a simple task, but when actually faced with styling the winter accessory, it can be difficult to get it right not to mention stay that way between the time you leave your apartment and get to work in the morning. Necessity or not, there’s no excuse for wearing your scarf in a disheveled sort of way. Enough of this French women are way chicer than American stereotype if they can style their scarves with effortless appeal every single day of their lives, then so can I. To prove this point, I went to the ladies behind my favorite new scarf brand, We Are Owls, just in time before the chilly weather hit.

Connie Lui, Emily Chen and Ling Chen, all friends and co-founders of the brand (Emily and Ling are also cousins) started the concept for We Are Owls about one year ago. Their first collection officially launched for Fall 2010, with gorgeous over-sized scarves in prints that make you want to study them from up close just to take in every detail. I figured the design savvy threesome would be the perfect ladies to help me solve this scarf dilemma, so I visited the Globe Showroom for a day to get a few tips on mixing up your average scarf in five different ways.

Click through the slide show above to learn five different styling tricks you can do with one single scarf.

All photos by Joseph D’Arco for StyleCaster

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Lovely scarves by We Are Owls showcased inside the Globe Showroom

What: The Donut Wrap
Get The Look: Start with one end of the scarf at the collar bone and begin wrapping it relatively tightly around your neck. Keep wrapping the scarf in a circular motion and conceal the end underneath.
(Carmilla scarf, $218, at; White top, LINE knitwear)

What: Asymmetrical Loop Under
Get The Look: Start by draping the scarf around your neck with the initial end hanging at the same height as your hip bone. Wrap the opposite end around your neck one full rotation and then loop the second end underneath and out through the loop you've created so that it hangs over the front of the loop.
(Cheetah scarf, $245, at Blue & Cream; White top, LINE knitwear)

What: The Over-the-Shoulder Wrap
Get The Look: To get a more sophisticated look, drape one end of the scarf over one shoulder like you would a shawl. Swing the opposite end around your neck and over the same shoulder where the first end is draped. Let the second end hang down your back.
(Bird scarf, $245, at Blue & Cream; Black top, LINE knitwear)

What: The European Knot
Get The Look: Start by holding the scarf with the hemline falling at an angle so that it's not so blunt. Then grab the scarf in the center and fold it in half. With the folded section hanging at one side of your shoulders, whip the scarf around your neck so that the two ends fall at the opposite side. Place the ends into the folded loop the pull slightly to tighten.
(Poem scarf, $218, at; White top, LINE knitwear)

What: Classic Drape Belted
Get The Look: For a more evening look, take your scarf and hold it by the opposite corners and simply drape it around your shoulders. By starting with the corners, it will allow the scarf to fall in a more angled, asymmetrical shape. Let it hang long and loosely and belt it for some added cinch!
(Snow leopard scarf, $218, at; Black top, LINE knitwear)

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