Does The Moon Affect Your Hair? How To Use The Lunar Cycle To Time Your Cut & Color

Does The Moon Affect Your Hair? How To Use The Lunar Cycle To Time Your Cut & Color
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If you’re a lover of astrology, you’re probably familiar with the various undulations of the cosmos. I bet you already know you’re supposed to set new intentions during a new moon and you’re meant to release emotional clutter during a full moon. You might have also heard that making permanent decisions during Mercury retrograde is a big no-no. But have you ever thought about the moon’s impact on your overall beauty? Better yet—did you know the moon affects your hair in a major way? Whether you’re dreaming of long luscious locks straight out of a catalogue or you’re contemplating an edgy cut that turns every head, feel free to look to the moon for guidance on all your hair-related needs.

So, what does the moon have to do with your hair, anyway? It’s actually quite simple, because the moon has to do with everything about pretty much everything. Being that human beings are made up of roughly 70 percent water, the moon has quite an influence on our emotional and physical bodies. Think about it—the moon’s gravity literally pulls the ocean towards it! The human body is mostly water, and like the tides, we’re being pulled around by the moon’s whims. It even affects our cardiovascular system! In fact, according to a 2013 study on the moon’s impact on the human body, we often experience a gentle drop in blood pressure during new moons and full moons when compared to other phases of the lunar cycle.

If the moon has an influence on our bodies, wouldn’t it make sense that it also impacts our hair (as well as our appearance in general)? If you’re wondering how the moon actually affects your mane and how to harness the moon’s magic to transform your locks, keep reading:

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How Does The Moon Affect Your Hair?

The 28-day lunar cycle is all about growth. It begins with the new moon, which represents the process of planting the seeds of something new. As the moon waxes, that seed begins to grow and sprout leaves, and by the time the full moon tales place, it finally reaches its peak stage of growth and blossoms. By the time the moon wanes and reaches the new moon phase once again, the cycle repeats, perpetually bringing us new growth.

Like the lunar cycle, each strand of your hair is enduring its own growth process. In fact, it goes through three separate phases—anagen, catagen and telogen. The first one—anagen—is the growth phase, which lasts several years. This is when your hair gets most of its length! By the time it reaches the catagen phase, your hair growth slows to a halt, and by the time it reaches telogen, your hair initiates the process of shedding.

When you consider that the lunar cycle and the process of growing your hair have similar peaks and valleys, it only makes sense there would be a correlation between the two. And if you follow the ebb and flow of the lunar cycle, you can discover the best possible times of the month to make alterations to your hair!

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How The Moon Can Benefit Your Hair

When you understand how your hair looks and feels throughout the lunar cycle, you can use that knowledge to harness every last drop of hair magic. During a new moon, your locks are often filled with additional moisture, which is most likely when your hair is feeling healthiest; like it’s at its prime. After all, hair that is moisturized is often softer and more resilient, making it more able to withstand the elements. This makes new moons an optimal time for trying out new hairstyles, such as coloring, adding highlights, using a little extra heat or putting in extensions. Your hair can handle it!

On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for a drastic haircut, a trim or otherwise, it’s best advised to do that approximately 14 days into the lunar cycle, close to a full moon. Just like full moons are prime time for pruning and harvesting your plants, it is also prime time for taming those locks of yours. Full moons are all about releasing, cleansing and clearing, so if you think about how your hair stores everything, using a full moon as a time to release those dead ends makes a whole lot of sense. Just like when you release anything else in life, letting go of those split ends will allow your hair to grow healthier and stronger.

Give yourself a new hairstyle during the new moon. Give yourself a good trim during the full moon.

In a nutshell, you should give yourself a new hairstyle during the new moon and five yourself a good trim during the full moon. Using the moon for not only the ultimate hair care, but also the best hair results, will be what sets you apart from the average head of hair. You should also avoid cutting during a new moon and stay away from any drastic hair changes on the full moon. If you stick to these simple rules, you should notice a difference in as early as a month, especially if you’re trying to grow and heal your hair.

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When To Schedule Your Next Cut & Color

Beyond the relevance of the lunar cycle, you should also pay attention to any astrological aspects the moon may be making. For example, if a new moon is joining forces with Venus—planet of luxury and beauty—you might want to try out a style that’s more flirty and designed to lure in a romantic partner. However, if a full moon is joining forces with Uranus—planet of individuality—you might opt for a look that’s shorter, sharper and edgier. Since the new moon and the full moon are the best times of the lunar cycle to nurture your hair, here are some important dates to keep in mind.

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New Moon at 2° Libra – September 25
New Moon Solar Eclipse at 2° Scorpio – October 25
New Moon at 1° Sagittarius – November 23
New Moon at 1° Capricorn – December 23

Full Moons in 2022 – Trim and Cut
Full Moon at 17° Pisces – September 10
Full Moon at 16° Aries – October 9
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 16° Taurus – November 8
Full Moon at 16° Gemini – December 7

If a new moon or a full moon takes place in your sun sign, moon sign, Venus sign or rising sign, any changes made to your hair will become that much more meaningful. In fact, it could even mark the beginning of a brand new phase of your life! Allow the moon to take over the wheel (or in this case, the salon).

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