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We hate to say it, but looking good in photos has never seemed to be so important as it is now. With social networking sites dominating the internet (and our social lives), we dont even want to know how much our appearance on film matters nowadays. Enviably, some people are just born photogenic, but for the rest of us who aren’t so lucky, here are some tips that will help you feel and look great in front of the camera and on film.

1. Confidence and relaxation are keys
Ask any supermodel– confidence and relaxation are everything. Make sure youre feeling good about yourself before setting yourself up in front of the lens. Many people tend to freeze up in photos because they feel nervous. Before you find yourself in a camera frenzy, take a deep breath and exhale naturally. Relax your arms and shoulders. If you feel good, itll translate on film.

2. Practice your pose89302 1267659809 How to Take a Perfect PictureImage:

Get an idea of what angles you look best in by practicing in front of a mirror. You’ll want to pose in such a way that emphasizes your best assets (likewise, you’ll want to hide your less desirable traits). Got great lips? Tilt your head upwards so that the camera is angled underneath them, creating a fuller look. Want to look thinner? Adjust your body so that youre not angled straight on to the camera. Extend your neck out to highlight your facial features. Tips will vary with each person, so get practicing and see what works best for you.

3) Lighting is everything
Camera flash has the tendency to wash most people out, and everybody knows that inadequate lighting makes for poor quality, not to mention unflattering photos. Make sure you have sufficient lighting, whether it be indoors or outdoors, before you start snapping away.

4) Choose what you wear carefully
Pick clothing that will flatter you on film. Satin may be pretty in real life, but it tends to make people look wider and emphasize unwanted features in pictures. Choose nice, solid colors that look good on you, bring out your features, and dont detract from your face.

5) Play around with camera settings
Your camera is a more complex gadget than you think. If you’ll be photographed using your own camera, take some time to experiment with the settings on it. What looks best on you– flash or no flash? Adjust the color settings to see what looks best for your skin tone. Play around with the ISO settings (which adjusts the film speed) to see what produces the best quality pictures. Not only will you end up with better photos, but youll end up learning more about your camera at the same time.

6) Smile89304 1267663140 How to Take a Perfect PictureImage:

This is kind of obvious, but make sure you smile (and we mean really smile, not the say cheese! kind). A forced smile can make you look stiff and awkward. Think happy thoughts in order to generate a genuine smile.

7) Dont look directly at the lens
Avert your gaze slightly behind the photographer. It makes for a more interesting photo and helps to avoid the infamous red eye effect.

8) Play around with makeup89305 1267663285 How to Take a Perfect PictureImage:

As we all know, film can be extremely unforgiving and can emphasize some things that are virtually unnoticeable in real life. Use concealer to hide your blemishes, and avoid the dreaded shiny look by using oil-blotting sheets. Emphasize features like your brows and cheekbones, as they tend to get washed out with camera flash.

9) Practice in front of the camera
After youve experimented sufficiently away from the camera, its time to start practicing in front of the lens. When taking pictures of yourself, see how everything mentioned above translates onto film. If you see something you dont like, adjust yourself accordingly and just delete the photo. Simple.

10) Take as many pictures as you need
Theyre just photos, so dont sweat it and take as many as you need until you find one that youre satisfied with.

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