How Our Favorite ’90s Nickelodeon Styles Are So Right Now

How Our Favorite ’90s Nickelodeon Styles Are So Right Now
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As we drift further away from the fun and innocence of ’90s fashion and television and head deeper into the less-defined 2000s, I hurt for the decade of over-my-eight-year-old head cartoons and quirky sitcoms. To curb that pain, I’m revisiting grunge in my sartorial choices and wearing boots in the summer, oversized tees and men’s tops and cardigans that swallow my small frame. When I’m surfing the net, I can’t help but to search for photos of Marc Jacobs’ infamous Perry Ellis show from 1992, and of course, watch all of the best sitcom and cartoon clips on Youtube.

If you’re like me and miss the days of watching Rocko’s Modern Life after school or All That on a Friday night, you’re in luck! Nickelodeon is bringing all the joys of our big box television childhood to our Plasma-enhanced flat screen adulthood: Starting Monday, July 25 at Midnight each night, all of our favorite sitcoms and cartoons that aired on Nickelodeon throughout the ’90s will be resurrected for some late night reminiscing and laughs on TeenNick.

In honor of this wonderful news, I chose my favorite sitcoms that exhibit the ’90s like Lady Gaga’s outfits exhibit a sign of the times. Peep the slideshow above for a refresher course in all your favorite shows, and watch Nickelodeon’s promo to get excited for next week’s revival of the best shows starting at midnight on TeenNick! Oh, and please excuse the blur in some of the photos, after all, they are vintage.

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All That was the very cool kid's version of SNL, Mad TV and In Living Color combined. The actors wore boots, baggy pants and every kind of cap that was identifiable for the decade but (mostly) still work for today.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? was the scariest show for kids on Nick. Admittedly, I didn't watch too much of it because, yes, I was afraid of the dark and the show's "Midnight Society" gatherings. Gary's round glasses are considered "geek-chic" today but were definitely a bona fide "nerd alert" back then.

Clarissa was the most stylish Nick chick, hands down. She wore leggings with cut-off shorts and biker shorts with oversized tees. -- she's basically an endless inspiration for '90s wear done right. Also, the chart of priorities to her right is practically the same for girls today.

Keenan and Kel were the funniest best friends on television, period. "Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda!" But I digress. Both had a distinctive style: Kel always wore denim with a Kangol hat or backwards cap and Keenan kept it simple with either a bright button-up or t-shirt and jeans.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete was the weirdest of children's sitcoms on Nick, and that's saying something. First of all, who would name both of their children Pete?! Little Pete always wore a flannel hat and both Petes wore oversized denim jackets and button-up shirts throughout the series. Very '90s and very today. 

Salute Your Shorts was full of goofy characters with even goofier haircuts, but acceptable clothing choices. Again, the backward and camper hats, oversized tees and baggy shorts were all #1.

I don't remember Hey, Dude very well since I was only three years old when the series ended in 1991. But of course there are re-runs, and it was obvious that those girls loved shorts that started at the belly button and ended at the knees. If girls were to wear those shorts today, a bit of bared midriff would definitely be needed to keep it current and not too modest. 

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