This Site Will Guess Your Age Based on Your Photo

Can you really guess how old someone is by their photo? This new (free!) website by Microsoft seems to think so. The strangely addictive site, asks users to upload a photo of themselves–or someone else–and then it will guess how old the person in the photo is. Dangerous game, right?

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We’ve been obsessively trying it out at the StyleCaster office this afternoon with varying levels of success: How-Old aged me by six years, while cutting half a decade off other editors’ ages.

To really put the site to the test we plugged in photos of four celebrities to see what came back. Here are the results.

website that guesses your ageKim Kardashian Age: 33

Real Age: 34

website that guesses your ageTaylor Swift Age: 26

Real Age: 25

website that guesses your ageRihanna Age: 20

Real Age: 27

website that guesses your ageKris Jenner

How-Old.Net Age: 45

Real Age: 59

What age did you get using the website? Was it accurate? Weigh in below in the comments.

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