Quibi Is the New Streaming App to Cure Your Netflix Fatigue

Chrissy's Court
Photo: Quibi.

There’s Netflix. There’s Hulu. There’s Amazon Prime Video. And now, there’s Quibi. But how much is Quibi? Is it free? And how do I download it? Rest assured, young streamer, we will answer those questions and more.

What Is Quibi?

Let’s start with the basics. What the F is Quibi? Well, Quibi is a new streaming service (similar Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video), but instead of hour or half-hour-long episodes, Quibi’s shows are 10 minutes and less. The episodes are designed to be that short, so users can watch them when they have some down time on the go. (Like when you want to fit in a quick workout, but don’t have enough time to watch a full-length episode, such as in Chrissy Teigen’s Quibi ad below.

Further, compared to other streaming services like Netflix or Hulu (which are often watched on someone’s computer or smart TV), Quibi caters more smart phone users, who want to watch content in the palm of their hand.

“Get ready to make any moment extraordinary with incredible storytelling delivered right to your phone. From daily essentials to breakout shows, the next chapter will always be waiting,” Quibi’s “Our Story” reads.

How Do I Download It?

Quibi launches on April 6. It’s available to download for in Apple App store and the Google Play store.

How Much Is it?

Quibi is not free. But it does provide users with 90 days free to test out the app before they commit to a monthly subscription. After the free trial, users can decide between two packages: $4.99 a month with ads and $7.99 with no ads.

What Shows Are on It?

There’s a long list of Quibi shows, which we compiled here, but here are some of our favorites to convince you to sign up.

Chrissy’s Court

A Judge Judy-style show, where Chrissy Teigen acts as a judge for real-life small claim cases. Her mom, Pepper Thai, serves as the courtroom’s bailiff.

Singled Out

Hosted by Keke Palmer and Joel Kim Booster, this reboot of MTV’s show of the same title connects diverse and eligible singles through social media.


In Sophie Turner’s first TV role since Game of Thrones, the actress stars as a woman who’s stranded on a remote island after her plane crashes.

Most Dangerous Game

Liam Hemsworth stars as a terminally ill man who’s so desperate to care for his pregnant wife that he dangerous game of cat and mouse with a mysterious man played by Christoph Waltz.