Francesca’s Instagram Checks Are Why She Didn’t Need the ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Prize

Too Hot to Handle
Photo: Netflix.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle season 1. It’s no secret that Francesca  was one of the more polarizing contestants on Too Hot to Handle, especially when she said she didn’t need the $100,000 prize. How much does Francesca make on Instagram? The Too Hot to Handle Netflix star makes a lot of dough as a model and an Instagram influencer, so we don’t blame her for kissing Harry so many times.

Netflix’s new dating show, Too Hot to Handle, premiered on April 17. The eight-episode series follows a dozen or so attractive singles as they look for love on a tropical villa. At the end, someone will receive a $100,000. But there’s a twist: They can’t kiss, have sex or masturbate otherwise their prize fund goes down. When someone breaks the rules, an Amazon Alexa-type device named Lana calls for a group meeting to tattle on the rule breaker and reveal the new prize amount. In the end, though, the final 10 contestants (including Francesca, a 26-year-old from Vancouver) were each awarded a cut of the final $75,000 prize. Francesca was also a part of one of three couples to come out of the show. She ended up with Harry Jowsey, a 23-year-old from Queensland, Australia, and, yes, they’re still together.

Out of all the contestants, Francesca, by far, cost the group the most money. She and Harry were the first to kiss after Lana revealed the rules, which cost the house $3,000. She also kissed Haley as revenge against Harry for not taking the blame for their kiss. Francesca’s nonchalant attitude toward Lana’s rules led Kelz to ask what she does for work. When she said Instagram, he responded, “Do you actually make enough money from that?” Her response? “Yeah, I make a fucking killing. That’s why I’m not really concerned about the money.” So how much does Francesca Farago really make on Instagram?

Well, without her bank statements, there’s no way to know for sure. But we can estimate. As of April 20, Francesca has 883,000 Instagram followers, which is by the far the most of anyone on the cast. According to Petal Card, a financial company, Instagram influencers make around $10 per 1,000 followers once they reach the 100,000 follower mark. Given that Francesca has almost 900,000 followers, it’s estimated that she makes close to $9,000 per post. And that’s not including the modeling career she told Harry about in the first episode. From the looks of her Instagram, Fran has partnered with brands like Fashion Nova and Revolve. She also has her own swimsuit company called Farago the Label.

Of course, like each of the Too Hot to Handle cast members, Francesca likely received a surge in followers after the show premiered, which means that when she was on the show, she likely received less than this estimate. Still, even if it was a few thousand a post, we can understand why she didn’t care much about the $7,500 Lana gave her in the end. Lucky for her, she took home the money and a man. Now, that’s a bo$$.

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