Kamala Harris Will Get a Raise Now That She’s Vice President—Here’s Her Salary

Kamala Harris
Photo: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik.

Leaving the senate for the second-highest political office title in the United States is bound to come with a raise. But how much does the Vice President make, exactly? Turns out, the Vice Presidential salary changes from time to time.

This is different from how the President of the United States gets paid: Former Vice President and current President Joe Biden, who was elected as the 46th President of the United States on November 7, 2020, will earn a fixed salary of $400,000—just like every other President since 2001. His running mate, former California Senator Kamala Harris of California, was elected as the 49th President of the United States and will also receive an annual salary. Biden and Harris will take the oath of office as the next POTUS and VPOTUS on Inauguration Day on January 20, 2021. Harris will be a major pay bump from her former earnings as a senator. Read about just how much the Vice President makes ahead.

How much does the vice president make?

The Vice President’s salary is currently set at $235,100. This annual income has been frozen by Congress since at least 2014, when lawmakers included provisions holding the pay rates at 2013 levels during the Obama Administration. If lifted, the Vice President could earn $243,500 or more, as per USA Today. Under the Trump administration, House Republicans attempted to lift the freeze with the president’s support, but a deal never passed in Congress.

Even if the Vice President’s salary isn’t at its maximum limit, the current amount still tops Kamala Harris’ former salary of $174,000 as a California Senator, per Senate.gov.

What are other vice presidential perks?

In addition to their $235,100 annual salary, the vice president receives a $10,000 taxable expense allowance along with plenty of money-saving perks: Kamala Harris will receive free housing, transportation, and a staff of about 80 during her office as Vice President of the United States, according to Indystar.

The Vice President and their family get to live on the United States Naval Observatory grounds, located about three miles from the White House. Their residence, Number One Observatory Circle, is a 33-room home (and Hillary Clinton is reportedly a neighbor nearby), as per Business Insider. In addition to their beautiful new home, the VP gets limo service treatment. Oh, and jet planes.

According to former Vice Presidents, the role allows anyone in that position to call on Air Force Two to take them anywhere, at any time. Back when Biden himself was VP, he told the Wilmington News Journal about the perk: “The good thing is you have a whole Air Force. I didn’t realize I get three helicopters available to me,” he said, “I can be from the vice president’s lawn to my backyard in 40 minutes.” Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff, are worth $6.3 million, which includes the money she made from her political career, as well as her six-figure book deals, according to Fortune.

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