How Marc Jacobs Made a Tattoo Artist Into an It Kid

Kerry Pieri

“It” kids aren’t born, they’re decided by people like Marc Jacobs. Scott Campbell is basically the tattoo artist of the fashion and art worlds did you even know there was one? Campbell gave a totally charming interview to WWD, where he talks about getting his girlfriends names tattooed on him and then unceremoniously crossing them out post-breakout. “If you love them right now, love them right now as hard as you can.” Aw.

Jacobs and his SpongeBob SquarePants tat are what helped Campbell get all that buzz (there’s a tattoo needle joke in there somewhere), and helped solidify Marc Jacobs as hot bod/cool hair designer rather than nerdy glasses/cardi designer.

According to WWD, “Campbell estimates that hes tattooed Jacobs at least 30 times. The two were connected through Shelly Zander, Jacobss longtime fit model and a friend and client of Campbell. Now theyre boys. They have matching Bros Before Hos tattoos.” Also, aw.

Yeah, I love Marc. He could call me up and say he was thinking of opening up a car wash and I would be like, Cool, lets wash cars!,” Campbell told the trade. But Marc didn’t offer him a car wash, he offered him a Louis Vuitton menswear collaboration which resulted in tattoo print scarves and bags that were all the rage last year. Although, Campbell had wanted to steer clear of such commercial collabs, when Marc calls, you say “OK, except that.”

Photo: Terry Richardson

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