How Many People Have You Slept With? Watch Couples Answer the Awkward Question on Camera

Liv Kelleher
photo: TV Guide

photo: TV Guide

It’s the moment you knew was coming– your beau has finally popped the question, and we don’t mean that question. “How many people have you slept with” are only seven words strung together, but they have the potential to really change the way someone thinks about you.

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After we’ve received our answer, we may act like we don’t care– but deep down, most of us probably do. The least ideal time to ask your significant other about their sex partners? How about on camera. Elite Daily did just that and asked a few couples to reveal to each other, for the first time, on camera, how many people they’ve slept with.

Watch the awkwardness unfold in the video below and then head over to Elite Daily to catch the whole story.

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