How I Walked In A 34B And Walked Out A 30D In One Fitting

How I Walked In A 34B And Walked Out A 30D In One Fitting
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This week I stopped by Intimacy for an appointment with their famed bra fitting specialists. I’ve heard how their expertise can change your life, but I certainly didn’t expect it to happen to me. Personally, I’d always found underwire bras to be somewhat uncomfortable, but I thought that was just the way they were, like heels you suffer a little for the lift and shape. As of recently I’d preferred bras with no wire, just soft little lacy things.

Using no tape measure, however, my sweet and knowledgeable fitter Nicole whipped out an underwire bra that, for the first time in my life, just magically fit. I found that instantly my posture improved, and in general, I felt like I had a whole new body. When I asked her what size it was, she said it was a 32C not the original 34B I believed myself to be but it gets even crazier. Apparently because I fit into the tightest closure, the bras band would have to be altered smaller. She explained this would automatically make the cup size larger, bringing me to a true 30D. Um, what?

Clearly, I’m a living example of how important it is for women to get fitted. And to reiterate this point, Intimacy filled me in on 10 more errors women make when bra shopping that are a must-read for all.

Top 10 Mistakes Women Make When Buying A Bra:

1. Wearing Your Bra Too Loose:
Women often wear their back band too loose, but for optimum support it should be level with the front. If it rises, it means that it’s not supportive enough.

2. Not Getting Fitted Regularly: Women’s bodies change over their lifetime, and so do their breasts. Getting fitted once a year will keep your size in check.

3. Exploring Limited Options: There is no perfect bra, and different brands have different sizes. It’s important to always try several on for proper fit.

4. Assuming Underwire Is Evil: It’s important to wear underwire bras for the support. Get fitted so you can wear a bra with a wire that fits well and doesn’t cause discomfort.

5. Using A Bra To Conceal Your Breasts: If you are big busted, never go for a minimizing bra. They bind and compress and can make you lose firmness. It’s better to stick with bras that lift and center instead of conceal.

6. Buying The Wrong Cup Size: Many women get confused by cup sizes. Here’s a hint: If your nipples are showing, your breasts spill out or don’t fill out the cups completely, then you have the wrong size.

7. Buying Cheap Bras: Invest in quality bras like you invest in a good pair of shoes or bag. You will get what you pay for.

8. Not Asking Questions When Purchasing a Bra: Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t be embarrassed when you’re getting fitted for a bra. Ask now and you won’t be regret later.

9. Assuming All Sports Bras Are Created Equal: Don’t use sports bras that compress your bras this can still damage tissue. Instead find one with supportive cups.

10. Choosing The Wrong Daily Bra: Seamless bras might be comfortable, but they shouldn’t be your daily bra. Seamed bras offer more support and it’s better for your breasts to rotate between the two.

Last but not least, you should have 7-10 bras in your wardrobe. Take a scroll through this slide show for tips on building the right types of bras in your wardrobe.

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1. Lace Bra
La Perla Art Deco Underwire bra, $90, Journelle

Click through the rest of the slides to see the 8 bras every woman should have in their wardrobe.

2. V-neck Bra
Blush Day and Night Plunge bra, $38, Urban Outfitters

3. Everyday Bra
Chantelle Rive Gauche T-Shirt bra, $82, Journelle

4. Sports Bra
Marie Joe Intense Sports bra, $120, Isabella

5. Padded Bra
Elle MacPherson Spree Contour bra, $62, Shop-Underwear

6. Push Up Bra
Silk Animal Push Up bra, $36, Topshop

7. Convertible Bra
Marie Jo Ines Convertible bra, $120, A Brief Affair

8. Strapless Bra
Wacoal Strapless Push-Up bra, $50, Nordstrom

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