How to Get Out of the Friend Zone


So you have this best friend who happens to be a member of the opposite sex, and then one day it dawns on you that you’re kind of in love with him. You attempt to push your feelings aside in order to preserve your friendship because, face it, it would be worse not to have him in your life at all. But after much inner debate, you try to work up the confidence to confront him about your feelings. Will your effort be pointless in the end? Will sharing your feelings ruin the friendship altogether? What to do?

Well, don’t worry — it happens to the best of us. As far as we’re concerned, there is a way to have your cake and eat it too. Follow these steps to turn your best friend into your boyfriend pronto.

Remain Nonchalant
Unfortunately, when you realize that you may have feelings for someone, your demeanor towards them immediately starts to change. Do not, we repeat DO NOT let this happen! Especially with your best friend because he’ll know something weird is up. Maintain the same attitude you’ve had all along to start off on the right foot.

Keep Up Your Confidence
Keep your confidence. This is not the time to whine about your weight and list the foods you ate that day to said best friend. Be proud of what you’ve got.

Maintain High Standards
Maintain your high standards when going out with other guys. Talk about the things you require in a man and make comparisons that leave him wondering what you might mean.

Showcase Your Sultriness
Make him aware of your sex appeal. Showcase your style in an eye-opening sort of way, but this is not the time to suddenly start showing too much skin — that might leave a bad taste in his mouth. Instead, emphasize the fact that you know how to put yourself together.

Keep Your Values
Again, make sure he knows that you value the meaning of a relationship — this is the time to have a talk about how you like to get to know the guys you’re with before anything serious starts to happen. Hint at the fact that you may be looking for someone you can really trust.

Be Affectionate
Guys like affection. Use this to your advantage at every opportunity you get. Hug him just a little bit longer than you normally would while wearing his favorite scent. Your casual touch may be just the thing to get the sparks flying.

At this stage it is safe to say that he may be feeling something more for you than he usually would. You’ve opened his eyes and now you want to keep it going. Throw some subtle flirting into the mix and you’ll be one step closer to having him as more than just a friend.

Be Irresistible
Time to go in for the kill of seduction. Make him realize that his desire for you is real and not just his mind playing tricks on him. Because you’re already best friends, he knows the true you, which should make things that much easier. We think it’s about time for you to make the first move.

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