How Far Would You Go For Chicken McNuggets?

Jessica Rubin

If this question strikes you as a strange one, you’ve clearly never been absolutely desperate for a bite of greasy, chicken gold (which is understandable). While there are definitely some members of the StyleCaster team who take their fried chicken cheat days very seriously (especially after a night of drinking and debauchery), when we read that a woman in Los Angeles was offering sexual favors in exchange for chicken, there were a couple of raised eyebrows.

We were left with a couple of questions. What drugs was this woman on? Did the extent of her “favors” correlate with the amount of chicken she expected in return? And how exactly does one prosecute this kind of prostitution while maintaining a straight face?

Even if we spend the rest of our lives in the dark without ever understanding this ladies’ need for a good ol’ McNugget, we have to take a second and applaud her commitment to the fast food industry. G’Bless America.

[Via LAist]