How To Dress Sexy In The Cold Weather


Not to be redundant but, dang girl it’s really cold out there! Have you been outside lately? Eff that…

However, this cold weather is the kind that makes you want to sip hot toddies and meet hot guys named Teddie, snuggling in cozy bars. So, here you are standing before your open closet, staring into the abyss of slinky and sexy dresses and you have to brave the cold.

Read on below for a list of pieces you can don to be toasty hot in all senses of the word!

Don a fitted sweater.
A cashmere sweater will keep you extra toasty obviously. However, a v-neck fitted cashmere sweater is the most subtly sexy piece you can wear this winter. Don’t try to do a baggy sweater with a mini-skirt if you’re going bar hopping, as generally no one pays attention to what you’re wearing below your waist in a crowded bar.
StyleCaster Loves: White + Warren cashmere v-neck sweater, $195

Give in to opaque tights.
We’ve all seen THAT girl. There she goes again: the girl who thinks knee high boots are pants. No, sweetheart, those are boots… and you look like a very cold hooker. Just wear opaque black tights. They’re sexier than having goosebumps complete with the hairs on your leg at full attention because you’re freezing.
StyleCaster Loves: Wolford Gisela tights, $170

Play up your makeup and wear your hair up.
Even simple changes to your usual makeup such a bright lip or liquid eye liner can open your face up more and will keep your focus on your face. Also wearing your hair up in a styled pony will elongate your figure and relieve your torso of the hyper bundled look.
StyleCaster Loves: Bobbi Brown New Shades Lip Color in Hollywood Red, $22

Sub in a cropped leather jacket.
The whole silk tank beneath a fitted blazer has been done to death. We get it; you’re smart AND sexy as demonstrated by your ensemble. In lieu of your fitted blazer, try a cropped leather jacket over a v-neck shirt with a feminine chain link necklace.
StyleCaster Loves: Topshop black creased crop faux leather biker jacket, $110

Sport a knit skirt.
Stop with the flouncy layered chiffon skirts. Stop it right now. If you insist on wearing a mini-skirt opt for a fitted knit or cotton mini. The skirt won’t look so skimpy and will be able to keep your tushie a little warm as you wait for the subway.
StyleCaster Loves: Pleasure Doing Business 5 band skirt in black, $121

Douse yourself with lotion .
Slather on lotion before putting on your clothes especially on your hands. When you’re skin is not cracked and a layer of skin away from bleeding, you won’t look so affected by the cold.
StyleCaster Loves: Nivea Smooth Sensation lotion, $7.79

Step into closed toe shoes.
Yes, it is acceptable to wear socks with sandals. But when you’re hop-scotching over puddles of slush, you’d be better off with closed toe shoes. Moreover, take your boots to a cobbler and get a rubber sole put on the bottom. No one will know the difference but you won’t slide all over slick ice or snow.
StyleCaster Loves: Vince Camuto “Alexia” ankle booties, $129