How to Dress for the Office During Summer

Jessica Hoppe

After many corporate jobs (and 28 years of life) you would think I would have solved this dilemma by now. However, you are talking to the girl who was pulled daily into the principal’s office to measure the length of my hem, wore quilted Philip Lim leather shorts to my gig at Gilt and rocked 5″ heels to an interview. Faux pas? Many would say “yes.”

So, I called in some reinforcements to get it together, once and for all. Luckily it’s summertime and things tend to become more flexible. While some of the rules for office-appropriate wear did make me roll my eyes, others had merit. We do want to keep it classy.

Here are some tips to help us do just that. Even through an epic heatwave!

Light as a feather. Choose lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, modal and knit cotton.

Take a break from black. We all know black attracts heat. So stay cool while spicing up your look with bright colors and vivid prints. Florals and tribals such as ikat are my favorite.

Layer. Luckily most of us work in air conditioned offices. If you don’t, you need a new job. This enables us to layer appropriately with cardigans, blazers and vests.

No flip flops. Not sure what you’re rocking to the office that would be styled nicely with flip flops? But the unanimous verdict on your flippy’s? Beach only, babe.

When in Rome. Know your office. Take a cue from your co-workers. Understand how you need to look to be taken seriously. If you work in a highly corporate enviornment keep the skin to a min. If your job allows you to enjoy a more casual approach, why not?