How to Do Date Night on a Dime



In your attempt at budgeting money, you have probably cut back on your daily excursion to Starbucks, eaten out less, and taken the bus or subway to avoid costly cabs. However, your new fiscally responsible lifestyle doesn’t have to interfere with your love life. Avoid more tired dinner dates followed by movies. Below are ourtop 8 picks for budget-friendly dates:

1. Bring the theater to you- If you have access to a patio or outdoor space, all you need is a projector and you have yourself a foolproof date. Pop your own popcorn, lay out a blanket, and just wait for the sun to set. Although you may have to wait until the weather warms up a bit for this one, what could be more romantic than viewing your favorite film together out in the fresh air?

2. Go to a game-
Reminisce about your glory days by taking your significant other to your local high schoolfootball game. Bring a thermos of hot chocolate and a blanket to cozy up with in case it’s cold out. Tell her about that time you scored the winning touch-down, and feel free to avoid any embarrassing adolescent tales.

3. Fondue for two- Don’t be fooled by the fancy name– making fondue is a cinch. Start the evening snacking on baguettes dipped in melted cheese and end it by dipping fresh fruit into melted chocolate. You are sure to impress your date with your creativity. Here is a great recipe to get you started.

4. Have your own wine tasting- Host a get-together requiring each guest to bring a bottle of wine and their favorite cheese. This is a great way to introduce your date to all of your friends, while sampling a variety of wine and cheese flavors. Plus, the evening doesn’t have to cost more than your own contribution.

5. Host trivia night- Board games are no longer synonymous with being bored. There are plenty of games to choose from that bear no resemblance to your childhood favorites like Candy Land and Shoots and Ladders. Invite some friends over for an intellectual game night with favorites like Trivial Pursuit or Apples to Apples. This is the perfect way spend a casual night in, while simultaneously impressing your date with all your extensive random knowledge. Plus, there’s no cost involved– all you have to do is raid the old boxes in your attic to find a game you most likely already own.

6. Go to an outdoor concert- If the weather is nice out, take advantage of the many free outdoor concerts in your city. Pack up a blanket and some snacks to enjoy while rocking to the beat. Visit to view the upcoming concerts in your area.

7. Theme nights- Put a twist on your classic dinner and a movie night by basing your food and film choices on a particular country. Roll your own sushi and watch a Japanese flick over some sake, or venture into France over a bottle of French wine, a wedge of brie, and an Audrey Tatou film. Although this borders on slightly cheesy, it will definitely spice up the clich dinner-and-a-movie date while allowing you to save money at home.

8. Stargazing- Looking to spend some time together free of distractions and disturbances? Surprise your date with a night of stargazing. Perhaps the notion of lying under the stars brings weepy Nicholas Sparks movies to mind, but you can’t deny its romantic appeal. Simply find a special place with a good view of the sky, and surprise your significant other on the next clear night.

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