How to Date in NYC: The Breakdown by

Jessica Hoppe

Are you looking for love in the Big Apple? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, a new survey conducted by reveals that 94 percent of their site users living in New York are looking to settle in the city.

We all know, right? The online dating service where you pay $35 a month to stalk profile pictures and go on semi-blind dates. We judge (well, I do at least) but a recent survey shows that almost one-fifth of recently married respondents found their spouse online.

These are not bad odds. Perhaps we should be paying closer attention?

The most recent survey asked 1,000 users in New York, which happens to be the most populous dating pool in the country and some say the most competitive, what exactly they are looking for in a mate. They asked everything—down to the Subway stop. They do their homework over at Match.

Let’s review the most interesting discoveries:

Will New Yorkers spend to date?

83% of city singles said that the high cost of living affects how much they are willing to shell out on a date.

Ladies, we may have just found out the real meaning of the over-used excuse, “I just can’t give her what she needs?”

Will New Yorkers travel to date?

94% of New Yorkers are willing to commute BUT only 71% of them are willing to go more than 40 minutes door to door.

Logical thinking, I say. I don’t think I could date out-of-borough. The problem is love, very often, is completely illogical!

Best neighborhood for a date?

West Village (44%)

Worst neighborhood for a date?

Astoria (5%)

Never meet a date where?

-A chain restaurant

-Karaoke bar

-Times Square

Most desirable borough dwellers?

Manhattanites and Brooklynites (Obviously.)

Most desirable male profession?

Wall Street bankers (Gross)

Firefighters (Sweaty.)

Most desirable female profession?

Fashion (Duh.)

Entertainment (Vague.)

Just when I was ready to update my most fabulous profile pic and willing to answer that relentless survey, they hit me with the last question. Bankers? Really?

Not for me.