10 Celebrities Who Lost Baby Weight Fast (And How They Did It!)

Spencer Cain

When women all over the world give birth (we’re looking at you, Kate Middleton!), many of them are immediately concerned with one thing—aside from the well-being of their new child! And let’s face it, that concern is how to lose the baby weight. People can struggle for years, and never fully regain their figure, but it seems like celebrities have a way easier time than the rest of us when it comes to bouncing back.

While, yes, things like massive amounts of money to spend on personal trainers and special diets definitely help the cause, some stars go about it the old-fashioned way and simply watch what they eat and go on daily runs. And then there are others who try more experimental methods, like painful corsets.

Regardless of how they did it, these A-listers all bounced back at miraculous speeds. We’ve rounded up 10 celebrities (from Beyoncé to Heidi Klum) who went from hospital bed to red carpet in no time, and included their methods of getting back in shape.

Click through the slideshow above and let us know which celebrity who lost baby weight fast you’re most impressed by!

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