How To Ask A Guy Out – Why Wait When You Can Make The First Move?


So youre looking for a boyfriend, but you just cant seem to find him. You go out all the time and have great conversations with men. But, nothing comes out of them. Youre tired of waiting. Heres the answer to your prayers: ask him out. Follow these steps and youll have a date on your calendar ASAP.

Take The Initiative
These days, women can get away with anything. We arent timid little people anymore. Were strong and confident. If youre in a social situation and you see a man you find attractive, take the initiative. Some men are too shy to approach a woman. So, instead of waiting for them, take matters into your own hands. Walk over to him and start a conversation.

Comfort is Key
Believe it or not, men arent foreign species. When they talk to a woman, they too like to feel comfortable. Tell your cutie that you like his shirt or that he has nice eyes. Compliments go a long way and are good ice breakers. If you make your cutie feel at ease, asking him out will be that much easier.

Flirt, Flirt, Flirt
When youre flirting, you can never go wrong. Men of all ages appreciate some playful flirting. Be playful and sweet, but dont come on too strong. If you make it known that youre interested in him, hell know youre going to ask him out.

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Why wait for a guy you don’t want to make the move take the initiative! Photo:

Tell Me More
Everyone loves to talk about themselves. Be a good listener and get to know your man. Ask him questions that wont scare him away. Remember, no one likes to be interviewed.

Go For The Gold
Be confident. Confidence is sexy. Instead of beating around the bush, come right out and say it. Tell your man that youve enjoyed talking to him and would love to hang out with him sometime. The worst he can say is no.

So, now that you know how to ask a guy out, go do it. Dont be afraid. Fear isnt attractive. Happy Dating!

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