How Amber Heard Met Golden Globes Date Corey Rae

Amber Heard
Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic.

Corey Rae made headlines at the 2019 Golden Globes when she walked the red carpet as Amber Heard’s date. It wasn’t long until fans and the media speculated that the two were dating, and though they’ve been coy about the rumors, we know one thing: how Amber Heard and Corey Rae met.

At the BlogHer19 conference, where Rae was honored with the Impact award during the Voices of the Year ceremony, the writer and activist tells StyleCaster that she met Heard through the actor’s sister, Whitney, who is Rae’s close friend. According to Rae, the two met in person for the first time after they ran into each other in the street while waiting for Whitney. But it wasn’t until Rae attended Heard’s assistant’s birthday party a month later that they became really close. “We had a really cool special bond,” Rae says. “We understand each other in ways a lot of other people don’t. We really understand the way people perceive us and the effect it has on us and what it means to be beautiful and to be a strong and independent woman.”

A year into their friendship, Rae was researching an article about political statements on the red carpet. Given that Heard had made several fashion statements on her Aquaman press tour, including wearing a Valentino swim cap to the premiere, Rae texted the actor, asking if she could interview her as she got ready for her next red carpet. Heard told Rae her next red carpet was the Golden Globes, and instead of interviewing her, she had a better idea: For Rae to walk the red carpet with her as her date.

Before she knew it, Rae awoke to headlines about her and Heard dating. So are they dating? The short answer is no, but that doesn’t mean Rae isn’t having fun with the speculation. “I think it’s so fun. If people really knew who I am and know who Amber is, you can see the truth in all of that. It’s all fun. Whatever anyone wants to say and put together is fine, and if Amber and I were ever to date, it would be pretty historic and hot. Two hot queer women.”

Rae isn’t the only one having fun with the dating rumors. After the Golden Globes, Rae texted Heard an article about the speculation, which Heard considered posting on her social media. “I’m not offended by it. I don’t think she’s offended by it. If anything, it’s fun. I texted her an article and was like, ‘Everyone thinks we’re dating.’ And she goes, ‘ Can I post this on my Instagram and my Twitter?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah!’” Rae says. “But I identify as straight and she identifies as queer and that’s that.”