I Tried The Amazon Hockney Dress Dupe So You Don’t Have To

Bella Gerard
I Tried The Amazon Hockney Dress Dupe So You Don’t Have To
Photo: Courtesy of Bella Gerard/Adobe.

I was never much of a dupe girl until I started watching fashion hauls on TikTok. While I’m still pretty anti-anything with a faux label, lookalike apparel inspired by brands that charge half a month’s rent for basic pieces has definitely piqued my interest. House of Sunny’s positively-viral Hockney dress is one of the items I can’t justify buying, but absolutely love the look of—so when I heard about a Hockney dress dupe on Amazon, I knew I had to give it a go.

Pretty much every fashionista with a pulse has rocked HoS’s Hockney dress at some point in the last year. Retailing at just under $140, the knit nylon viscose midi features an abstract lily pad print and a trio of cutouts at the back. I tried to buy it when it first hit the scene, but it sold out too quickly. And pre-order after pre-order, it’s continued to sell out, to the point where I don’t necessarily know if it’s worth ponying up for anymore. Everybody has it and I’m not big on buying what everyone else is already wearing.

Still, I was curious to see how it would look on me, so when OG YouTuber and TikTok fashion queen Sarah Belle Elizabeth posted what she considered to be an impressive Hockney dress dupe, I knew I needed to place an order before her video sold it all the way out.

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STYLECASTER | House Of Sunny Hockney Dress Dupe Amazon

Courtesy of NUFIWI.

Sarah Belle is not only a tough critic when it comes to cute clothing, but a master at securing fashion finds on Amazon, so if she gave the dress the OK, I felt comfortable ordering one, too. I took the advice from her video and got mine one size down from my usual (It’s available in S-XXL, although some sizes have been going in and out of stock).

When my new dress arrived, I was beyond impressed. It felt exactly like I imagined the real Hockney dress would—like a sort of fuzzy, lightweight knit that wasn’t thin or cheap. The pattern on the dress was a dead ringer for the real deal, and to my surprise, the back even boasted the trio of cutouts. This thing looked good! And I dare say it looked good on, too!!

STYLECASTER | House Of Sunny Hockney Dress Dupe Amazon

Courtesy of Bella Gerard.

It’s definitely possible that the coloring isn’t 100 percent exact, but from what I can tell, it’s a pretty damn good dupe. The biggest (and only) difference I spotted was the hem: The real Hockney dress has a few centimeters of ribbing for a clean finish, while the Amazon version just sort of ends.

I most definitely plan to wear this dress at least a few times this summer—at just under $30, it’s less than a quarter of the price of the real deal! That said, it’s also convinced me to invest in the real thing in a different pattern when House of Sunny drops more options. I highly recommend snagging a dupe like this one to see how you feel about an item if the real thing is particularly pricey. You might find yourself wearing it so often that justifying the splurge becomes easy. Or, you’ll find it was more of a trend lust moment and be glad you didn’t shell out on that dress everyone else is wearing.

All in all, I’d rate this dress a 9/10 for dupability and a 10/10 for cute summer outfit potential.

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