10 Things You Should Be Doing Instead of Binge-Watching ‘House of Cards’

Meghan Blalock

The second season of “House of Cards” has been on Netflix for just less than a week now, and while many of you have probably already blown through all 13 episodes, some of us are taking our sweet, luxurious time watching the morality tale play out. Not unlike Claire Underwood (masterfully portrayed by Robin Wright), we prefer to see our cinematic victims squirm a bit before we vanquish them.

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That said, we’ve spent way too much time holed up in our houses over the past six days, watching episode after episode and wondering what foe cold-blooded main character Frank Underwood (chillfully played by Kevin Spacey) is aiming to destroy next. There are so many other more productive things we could have been doing for the past so-many hours, and we know it. Read on for 10 activities that would likely be much better uses for our time, as told in GIFs.

1. Sleeping through the night.

maru sleeping

2. Watching 15-year-old Russian skating prodigy Yulia Lipnitskaya do this at the Sochi Olympics.

julia lipnitskaia spinning 10 Things You Should Be Doing Instead of Binge Watching House of Cards

3. Building a real-life house of cards. (You might even get as good as the card-stacking world record-holder Bryan Berg.)

house of cards cat

4. Reading up on political matters that actually, well, matter.

lena dunham obama

5. Working on your taxes.

cat faxing

6. Learning how to dance to a Beyoncé song as well as 12-year-old prodigy Charlize.

charlize beyonce

7. Delve into executive producer David Fincher’s more light-hearted work. A good place to start: Justin Timberlake and Jay Z’s video for “Suit & Tie.” (Yes, he directed it.)

suit and tie

8. Leaving the house to do just about… anything. A few examples:

Taking a walk!

talking a walk

Going to the grocery store.

grocery shopping

Getting in the car and driving, just to jog your memory that cars aren’t only places where murders take place. (Spoiler alert.)

driving 10 Things You Should Be Doing Instead of Binge Watching House of Cards

9. Cracking open a—gasp!—real book.

reading a book

10. Starting “Orange Is the New Black” before season two starts on June 6.

crazy eyes

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