House of Holland and the New Painterly


Usually one to pave his own path, Henry Holland’s most recent show in London was surprisingly trend driven. He featured both crop tops and one-sleeved dresses which have been popping up everywhere on the runways. The one-sleeve trend has been such a strong thread after appearing as if out of nowhere.

The black lipstick he styled with has also hit the mainstream- most notably showing up earlier at Rachel Roy and Catherine Holstein.

This season House of Holland dropped the bold polka dots in favor of paint sample inspired stripes. He took a major page out of Chris Benz’s book and went for tonal combinations in green, purple, pink, blue, and black. I’d be happy to see MIA popping up in these looks post-baby. You know what they say about horizontal stripes.

In related news, Pantone just released its list of top ten shades for fall. Get ready for Rapture Rose.