Watch 13 Celebrities Do a Dramatic Reading of ‘Hotline Bling’

Beth Stebner

If you thought you’d reached peak “Hotline Bling” appreciation, take a long hard look at your life, and think again.

Big-name stars like Amy Schumer and Kristen Wiig have lent their considerable talent and time for a video with W Magazine where they, yes, do a dramatic reading of Drake’s contemplative look at past booty calls.

In total, 13 big-name celebrities like Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks, and Rooney Mara, among others, use their superior acting power and prowess to really crack into the raw emotion and hurt in the lyrics.

But it’s none other than Bryan Cranston who wins the reading, dusting off his old Walter White growl from his “Breaking Bad” days, proving that he’s not only the one who knocks, but he knows what it means when that hotline bling.