Hot Trends: Fashion Week Roundup from New York


Draping (above)

Draping is certainly nothing new; Grecian is even perhaps the oldest dress shape around. This season, designers introduced a new shape for their drape- one that is more structural and creates forms on the body, rather than following it.


Ever since they burst on the scene two seasons ago, we’ve been a huge fan of the sexy pops of skin that come through cut-outs. This season look for them to appear on the shoulder and around the waist for something a little new.


Mixed Prints

Always a staple of the best dressed set, mixing prints has become easier and more accessible than ever. Be sure to stay within color families to keep from looking too outrageous.


New Shorts

There were three new short shapes that walked down the runway– tap shorts, Bermuda shorts, and A-line shorts. Give each a try come spring.


New Suits

Suits for spring took on different proportions. Try a cropped pant leg or short suit to freshen up your look. Another popular trend were printed suits worn with mixed printed tops beneath.


Painterly Prints

There’s nothing like spring to get you in the romantic mood. These painterly abstracted florals are just the right touch. Also expect to see pop art prints, illustrations, and bolder florals.


Rounded Shoulders

The exaggerated ’80s shoulder is played out. Try this new look of a more deconstructed shoulder- it still maintains the volume without any of the harsh Dynasty flashbacks.


Layered Sheers

Not quite a move towards modesty, the new sheers are layered with peek-a-boo bras (another huge trend) and other sheers to create varying levels of opacity. While more subtle, this trend is not necessarily for the faint of heart.



While Alexander Wang took the athletic look to the extreme, many designers showed off sweats in an entirely new way. Sweats and well, anything make the ultimate high-low.


Spring Leather

If you thought leather was reserved for the colder months, you were wrong. New treatments make these leathers softer than ever and perfect for mixing into your spring wardrobe.



Dresses with trains often evoke images of beauty pageants and wedding dresses, but these new styles have trains and asymmetrical hems going mainstream. Opt for a shorter hemline or a filrty fabric to keep the look new.


Tribal Prints

This season, tribal inspiration really took off. Ranging from Rodarte’s aggressive take to soft at Sophie Theallet, and artistic at Malandrino, the tribal look can be worked into any wardrobe.