50 Hot Surfer Dudes to Follow on Instagram

50 Hot Surfer Dudes to Follow on Instagram
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Right now, my Instagram feed is as follows: a beauty blogger’s mascara wand selfie, an inspirational quote, a dog, a photo of a half-naked woman’s thigh (thanks, @femmehunting), a fitness blogger lying topless on the beach with her nipples blocked out, a dog, another fitness blogger’s toned abs, and finally a selfie of Kim Kardashian plugging some random teeth-whitening kit.

You know what’s missing from my feed of half-naked women? Dudes. Specifically, hot, surfer guys who won’t cram my digital life with obnoxious belfies and #ootd photos. With that in mind, I dived deep into the Internet, trawling through surfing forums, Instagram, and industry websites to track down a list of 50 hot surfer guys worthy of your blue crush—and your follow. Keep clicking through the gallery to soak up the eye candy.

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Julian Wilson, Australia

Follow @julian_wilson

Bryce Marino, California

Follow @brycemarino.

Kai Lenny, Hawaii

Follow @kai_lenny

Thomas Delplace, France

Follow @thomasdelplace

Soli Bailey, Australia


Eric Geiselman, California

Follow @ericgeiselman

Kelly Slater, Florida

Follow @kellyslater

Mikey Wright, Australia

Follow @mikeywright

Owen Wright, Australia

Follow @owright

Evan Valiere, Hawaii

Follow @evanvaliere

Dylan Graves, Puerto Rico

Follow @dylangraves


Bruce Irons, Hawaii

Follow @bruceirons

Cam Richards, South Carolina

Follow @camrichards

Ian Walsh, Hawaii

Follow @ianwalsh


Luke Davis, California

Follow @lukedavis

Landon Mcnamara, Hawaii

Follow @landon_mcnamara

Jared Murph, Florida

Follow @jaredmurph89

Koa Smith, Hawaii

Follow @koatree

Jack Freestone, Australia

Follow @jackfreestone

Kekoa Cazimero, Hawaii

Follow @kekoa_cazimero

Mitch Crews, Australia


Evan Geiselman, Florida


Freddy Patacchia, Hawaii


Paola Baordo


Dillon Perillo

Follow @dillon_perillo

Dean Christener

Follow @deanchristener

Jared Mell, California

Follow @bangbangboogie

Flynn Novak

Follow: @flynn_novak

Ezekiel Lau, Hawaii

Follow @haynsupahman

Miguel Tudela, Peru

Follow @migueltudelach

Keanu Asing, Hawaii

Follow @keanuasing

Corey Arrambide, California

Follow @corey_arrambide

Matt Pagan, California

Follow @matt_pagan

Torrey Meister, Hawaii

Follow @torreymeister

Mason Ho, Hawaii

Follow @cocom4debarrelkilla

Dane Reynolds, California

Follow @sealtooth

Craig Anderson, Australia

Follow @craig__anderson

Jordy Smith, South Africa

Follow @jordysmith88

Danny Fuller, Hawaii

Follow @dannyfuller

Damien Fahrenfort, South Africa

Follow @doomasrumors

Tanner Gudauskas, California

Follow @tannergud

Matt Wilkinson, Australia

Follow @mattwilko8


Rob Machado, Australia

Follow @rob_machado

Gabriel Medina, Brazil

Follow @gabrielmedina

Mick Fanning, Australia

Follow @mfanno


Leonardo Fioravanti, Italy

Follow @lfioravanti

Dion Atkinson, Australia

Follow @dionatkinson

Joan Duru, France