Swish! The 30 Hottest Players in the NBA

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Swish! The 30 Hottest Players in the NBA
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The NBA All-Star game is upon us and so is Valentine’s Day weekend. Coincidence? We think not—we’d love for any and all of this year’s ballers to be our valentines.

It’s no big secret that basketball players are exceptionally fun to watch (and not always just for their skills on the court)—and this season’s drafts in particular are especially easy on the eyes. Not convinced? We’ve rounded up the 30 hottest guys in the NBA, for your viewing pleasure.

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Name: Kevin Love

Age: 27

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Why he’s hot: Besides that classically good-looking mug, Love showed off his very sculpted bod in ESPN The Magazine's Body (read: NAKED) issue. Trust us, naked Kevin Love is a sight that everyone should be blessed by—especially for those who remember what his days at UCLA looked like.

Name: Blake Griffin

Age: 26

Team: Los Angeles Clippers

Why he’s hot: What's not to love about Blake Griffin? Sure, he's got a bit of a temper (he's currently out and suspended from four games for punching a team staff member), but Blake's proved time and again that he has charisma on and off the court. His hilarious Vines and pithy Instagrams, as well as a Marvin the Martian Jordan campaign only fuel the rumors that he might be starring in a "Space Jam" remake.

Name: James Harden

Age: 26

Team: Houston Rockets

Why he’s hot: That beard. The bravado. The cooking dance, both on and off the court. Hailed as the NBA's newest antihero (or villain, as some have said), it's no wonder that the headstrong Harden has both captured the affection of Khloe Kardashian and provoked the ire of Lil B the Based God.

Name: Stephen Curry

Age: 27

Team: Golden State Warriors

Why he’s hot: Facts—Stephen Curry looks pretty much the same as when he was a baby-faced baller at Davidson (apparently, UNC Chapel Hill wouldn't have him to play ball—how much do you think they're regretting that now?), but don't let his slight frame and easy smile fool you. The NBA MVP is unstoppable, leading the Warriors to their first championship in more than 40 years with his unbelievable three-pointers. Another factor to his charm? His precocious daughter, Riley, who effectively commandeered all her father's playoff press conferences.

Name: Russell Westbrook

Age: 27

Team: Oklahoma City Thunder

Why he’s hot: Besides being one of OKC's most valuable assets, Westbrook is definitely the most stylish man in the NBA—or at least the one who takes the most fashion risks. A regular fixture during fashion shows (he's been known to be quite chummy with Anna Wintour), he's also the creative director of True Religion.

Name: Tyson Chandler

Age: 33

Team: Phoenix Suns

Why he’s hot: Tyson Chandler's the kind of guy you would want to bring home to your parents—he's steady, dependable, and reliable. His good looks and inherent sense of style have landed him in the pages of GQ and in the front rows of Fashion Week multiple times.

Name: Iman Shumpert

Age: 25

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Why he’s hot: Between his trademark fade and eclectic style of dressing, there's no denying that Iman Shumpert is pretty hot. Couple that with his unfettered adoration for fiancée, Teyana Taylor, and their daughter, Iman Jr. (whom he helped deliver at home with a pair of headphones, natch), and he's pretty much the perfect man.

Name: Paul George

Age: 25

Team: Indiana Pacers

Why he’s hot: He might be only 25, but Paul George has already acquired quite a reputation for being a man about town—it looks like he's focusing on his game right now, which is good since the Pacers will definitely need it.

Name: Derrick Rose

Age: 27

Team: Chicago Bulls

Why he’s hot: Rose has been with the Bulls (he's a Chicago native) since he left college after his first year to join the NBA; since then, he won Rookie of the Year and was the youngest league MVP ever.

Name: Nick Young

Age: 30

Team: Los Angeles Lakers

Why he’s hot: Nick Young, or Swaggy P, as some refer to him, is a distinctive figure both on and off the court, thanks to his hot shooting skills and his penchant for Balenciaga. You're just as likely to catch him in the Staples Center as you are on the red carpet at awards shows with rapper girlfriend Iggy Azalea.

Name: Leandro Barbosa

Age: 33

Team: Golden State Warriors

Why he’s hot: Leandro "The Blur" Barbosa is quite possibly Brazil's greatest gift to the U.S. While his basketball skills are solid, it's his sense of humor (especially as seen in the Warriors' playoff Instagram sing-alongs) that makes him insanely attractive.

Name: David Lee

Age: 32

Team: Boston Celtics

Why he’s hot: David Lee's had a career that most only dream of—a good run at the Knicks and the Warriors, helping the latter win the playoffs last year. However, let's pour one out for the classy way that Lee said good-bye to the entire Warriors team and staff when he got traded to the Celtics last summer—he bought everyone Chipotle. A man after our own hearts.

Name: Serge Ibaka

Age: 26

Team: Oklahoma City Thunder

Why he’s hot: Ibaka began playing basketball in the Congo as a young boy, and soon moved to Spain to play professionally. He eventually headed to OKC, where he is now arguably the Congo's most valuable (and handsome) export.

Name: Chris Paul

Age: 30

Team: Los Angeles Clippers

Why he’s hot: CP3 is one of the Clipper's best players, and what's more, he's a great team player. Unfortunately, this is vastly underappreciated by most of the fans (at least in comparison to Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan). We've got your back, CP3!

Name: Mike Conley, Jr.

Age: 28

Team: Memphis Grizzlies

Why he’s hot: Mike Conley has led the Grizzlies to most of their wins since he joined them in 2007. This summer, however, his contract with Memphis is up—he'll be one to watch as the bidding goes down.

Name: Kyrie Irving

Age: 23

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Why he’s hot: At 23, Kyrie Irving has already established himself as a household name for the Cavaliers and netted a wildly successful Nike shoe deal, all after leaving Duke for the NBA. However, Irving made a promise to his father that he'll finish his bachelor's degree at Duke in the future—smart and talented!

Name: Rajon Rondo

Age: 29

Team: Sacramento Kings

Why he’s hot: Rajon has played for some of the most beloved franchises in the league—the Celtics, the Mavericks, the Suns—and now at the Kings, his stoic energy and triple-doubles are helping to elevate the game, just like his perfect cheekbones are elevating the team's overall aesthetic.

Name: Marc Gasol

Age: 31

Team: Memphis Grizzlies

Why he’s hot: Marc Gasol might not be as well known as his brother, the Lakers' Pau Gasol, but his skills have been crucial to the chemistry of the Grizzlies. Plus, between us, we think Marc is definitely the hotter brother.

Name: Zach LaVine

Age: 20

Team: Minnesota Timberwolves

Why he’s hot: At just 20, LaVine is one of the youngest players in the league; he joined after just one year of playing for UCLA. Don't let his youth fool you, however; he's been proving himself invaluable to the team, especially in light of Ricky Rubio's recent injuries.

Name: Gordon Hayward

Age: 25

Team: Utah Jazz

Why he’s hot: Fresh-faced Hayward joined the Jazz in 2010 and has been a serious asset to the team ever since; however, he almost didn't pursue basketball. Growing up, he and his twin sister were star tennis players, and he was recruited for both sports. Lucky for us, he stuck with basketball.

Name: J.R. Smith

Age: 30

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Why he’s hot: J.R., he of the succinct yet wildly inappropriate social media posts, plethora of tattoos, and known frequenter of Greenhouse (where Rihanna allegedly sat on his lap!), is the undisputed party boy of the NBA. His bad-boy reputation cooled down a little after he was traded to Cleveland from that known denizen of sin, New York City, but that didn't stop Team Swish from riding into games on a hoverboard during the playoffs.

Names: Brook and Robin Lopez

Ages: 27

Team: Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks, respectively

Why they’re hot: If the nerdy thing turns you on, then Brook and Robin will be your newest crushes. 7-foot-tall twins who went to Stanford, they both love comic books and Disneyland, when they're not creaming their opponents on the court. Also of note for cat enthusiasts: Each twin has a cat and a respective Instagram for said cat.

Name: Jeremy Lin

Age: 27

Team: Charlotte Hornets

Why he’s hot: You might remember Jeremy from the Linsanity craziness, but he's a man of many talents, as he's definitely carved a niche for himself on the Internet as well. The Harvard grad has shaped up to be quite the YouTube star—it's no wonder, his most recent video features him doing the whip and the nae nae with Steph and Riley Curry.

Name: DeMar DeRozan

Age: 26

Team: Toronto Raptors

Why he’s hot: Our other favorite boy from the 6, DeRozan consistently plays good game and looks damn good doing it. We're looking forward to seeing him play in his team's city for the All-Star Game this weekend.

Name: Kyle Korver

Age: 34

Team: Atlanta Hawks

Why he’s hot: Being a Hawks fan can be a trying process at times. Thankfully, Korver's there to make it a little easier. The fact that he's pretty easy on the eyes definitely helps too.

Name: Bryce Dejean-Jones

Age: 23

Team: New Orleans Pelicans

Why he’s hot: After stints at three different colleges, Bryce landed in New Orleans, where along with Anthony Davis, he continues to keep the game fresh and exciting for the Pelicans.

Name: Ed Davis

Age: 26

Team: Portland Trail Blazers

Why he’s hot: Davis is making waves for helping Portland hold its own against much more formidable teams in the league. Also helpful in boosting Portland's morale is his very handsome face.

Name: LeBron James

Age: 31

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Why he’s hot: It takes a whole lot of moxie to call yourself the King, but moxie, excellence, and mad skills are all things LeBron James has in abundance. Although he's arguably one of the best ballers of all time, we have no doubt that James will still be balling once his career on the court is over. Last year, he signed a lifelong contract with Nike (the first of its kind) and costarred on the silver screen in Amy Schumer’s "Trainwreck."

Name: Andre Iguodala

Age: 32

Team: Golden State Warriors

Why he’s hot: Iggy's humble and team-centric attitude has made him a vital part of the Warriors (it also earned him an NBA Finals MVP award); however, he's not just a phenomenal ball player: He's been putting his athletic skills to good use with some recreational golfing and is also an active part of the tech scene in nearby Silicon Valley.

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