Hot Mug Shot Guy Released from Prison, Is a Calvin Klein Campaign Waiting to Happen

hot mugshot guy Hot Mug Shot Guy Released from Prison, Is a Calvin Klein Campaign Waiting to Happen

The mug shot that started it all. (Getty Images)

Shout out to the Mendota Federal Correctional Institution in Northern California, who released hot-mug-shot guy, a.k.a. HMSG, a.k.a. Jeremy Meeks, from prison on Tuesday—just in time for him to land a spring fashion campaign because, hello, look at him.

Meeks’s L.A.–based agent (yes, he has an agent), Jim Jordan, told TheWrap that he was released on Tuesday morning and met by his wife and their three children.

For those who are blanking on the details, you might remember that Meeks became an unlikely overnight sensation in June last year after he was arrested on gun and gang-related charges. His unfathomably beautiful face was posted on the Stockton, California, police department’s website and swiftly went viral.

Now, apparently hot-mug-shot guy has been flooded with job offers from the “top five designers” and big TV producers: “We were bombarded by every news media outlet and production company out there,” Jordan said, adding the model-to-be has been doing 500 sit-ups and 500 push-ups in his cell every day preparing for this exact moment.

He’s not allowed to talk to the media yet and will be spending the next month in a transition house, but naturally, his agent has “huge plans” for him when that period ends.

 “A lot is about to happen. We don’t want to announce it at the moment, but we have some incredible stuff coming that will blow everyone away,” Jordan said.

It’s really not such a huge leap to assume that the 6-feet-1-inch stunner will blow up in the fashion world—particularly when you consider that Marky Mark was a convicted felon before he became one of Calvin Klein’s most iconic models.

Plus, fashion is at a point where it values divisive pop-culture personalities as a marketing tool as much as beautiful clothing, so we imagine any label, from big-timers like CK and Givenchy to cool kids like Vetements or Hood by Air, would be thrilled to cast a legitimate bad boy.

And, as HMSG’s agent put it: “The world responds to beautiful things. Jeremy is a beautiful thing.” Well, yes, Jordan, yes he is.

hot mugshot guy 2 Hot Mug Shot Guy Released from Prison, Is a Calvin Klein Campaign Waiting to Happen

Look at that FACE. (Getty Images)


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