Hot Men Doing Things on Instagram: A Complete Guide

Instagram is chock-full of eye candy for men—fake models, real modelsgirls in bikinis, girls in lingerie, belfies, naked celebrities, weird boob shots—the list goes on (and on.) But for us female ‘grammers, visual stimulation of the male variety is lacking in comparison. We chalk this up to the fact that most men aren’t (as) selfie-crazed and #ootd-obsessed as us women, but hey—we deserve a little something-something in our feeds from time to time, too.

Enter: hot men doing things. In case you’re not aware, a crop of Instagram accounts are growing in popularity that feature extremely attractive (and fully clothed) men doing everyday things. And they’re amazing.

Here, put the best HMDT accounts in one place, for you to immediately stalk follow.

1. Men and Wine


Having impeccable taste in wine goes a long way when it comes to picking a potential partner, and these guys know it.

2. Cute Boys With Cats

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Crazy cat ladies, this is the Instagram for you: An account where good-looking guys snuggle up to Persians, Siamese, and rag-dolls.


3. Men in the Kitchen


Perhaps they’re professional chefs or just food loving hobbyists, but either way, if these guys were in our kitchen, we’d be eating in every single night.


4. Hot Men With Babies


Celebrity dads and regular dads posing with their babies—excuse us while our ovaries explode.


5. Hot Dudes With Dogs


With over 209,000 followers, this account is brilliant at seeking out seriously attractive dog-loving men on Instagram.


6. Mecs Métro Paris


Here you’ll find candid snaps of cute guys riding the subway in Paris. Très bien.


7. Beard Brand


Alright, so technically this account was created to “change the way society views beardsmen” by sharing photos of hip urban guys with beards. However, we’d bet anything that most of the followers of this account are single women—not guys with facial hair.


8. Just Fit Guys

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Like a guy who looks like he spends more time at the gym than he does at the office? Then go ahead, hit the little blue “follow” button and watch your newsfeed fill with shirtless, Ken doll lookalikes.


9. Hot Dudes Reading


A man with a book says “I’m smart and sexy, and I know it.” Also note, many of the hot dudes featured on Hot Dudes Reading are snapped on the subway: Reading while in transit? Hot.


10. Men and Coffee


Maybe he’s a barista, maybe he’s a super-hipster, maybe he just needs his caffeine, but there’s something enigmatically sexy about a man with a cup of coffee in his hands. He might also be artsy, musically gifted, and may even write poetry. We say husband material.

11. Men with Pups

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Adorable puppies being cuddled by adorable men. Enough said.

12. DILFs of Disneyland


Something feels slightly creepy about stalking hot dads with their kids at Disneyland but, nevertheless, there’s nothing wrong with looking. This Insta almost makes us want to book a flight to L.A. and hop on Space Mountain. Almost.