Let’s All Take a Second and Ogle Male Bathing-Suit Models for a Change

Let’s All Take a Second and Ogle Male Bathing-Suit Models for a Change
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Ah, summer: The only season that exists solely for the purpose of letting it all hang out. Ogling women in short-shorts, tiny bikinis, and miniskirts has undoubtedly become a pastime for men around the world; but guess what? The season also provides a shameless approach to the masculine sex, too.

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For no other reason than it’s Friday afternoon in June, we invite you to stop what you’re doing (aka, nothing) and look at 10 hot-as-hell male models walking the runway in bathing suits. Bonus: Some of their jewelry is pretty cute, too.

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BRB, gotta go ask my boyfriend why he doesn't have matching pec tats.

Don't worry, bro; you'll get cast in the next "Baywatch" movie. Zac Efron won't be around forever.

Nailing The Golden Ratio.

And he's religious, too!

Strand game strong, dude.

I bet that bucket hat is the only thing way too small, amirite?

"Ehhh, I was dees-covered in a beach near my home in Roma when I was, ehhhh, fourteen-a."

Dear sir, please let me know what body oil you're currently using. K, thanks.

Chest muscles you never knew existed.

Who needs body hair when you have a cute tassel necklace?

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Bump + Bikini = Adorable

Bump + Bikini = Adorable