Here’s How Astrology Will Affect Your Hot Girl Summer

Here’s How Astrology Will Affect Your Hot Girl Summer
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If you’re hoping for a Hot Girl Summer (and to be clear, anyone can have one!), the astro transits for this season are on Meg Thee Stallion’s team. We’re mercury retrograde-free this summerwhich means that our communication hotlines are clear! Basically, there’s nothing stopping you from shooting your shot and sending that risky text (Insert some major side eye here).

The planetary alignment wants us to let go of our inner inhibitions, so this is a great summer to be more spontaneous, adventurous and daring. One of the stand-out alignments this summer is the Jupiter in Pisces transit, which lasts until July 28.

Pisces energy is about letting your inner hippie shine through for your creative juices to flow. At the same time, Jupiter is calling all artists and creatives to headline the show and showcase their hidden talents to the world! If that’s you, don’t be afraid to step into your spotlight.

The planetary alignment wants us to let go of our inner inhibitions.

On June 27, Venus enters Leo. If this transit was a film, think of the epic party scenes in The Great Gatsby. The Sun moves into fiery Leo on July 22—happy birthday in advance to Jennifer Lopez and Meghan Markle, two undeniable hot girls in their own unique ways. Extravagant and opulent celebrations will be on the radar, so get your hot girl outfits together, pronto.

By mid-summer on August 8, we have a New Moon in Leo. Fun fact—Megan Thee Stallion has her moon and Mars in Leo! New moons are all about new beginnings, so in the sign of Leo, this one is going to boost your confidence and help you walk with your shoulders back and your head held high.

I know you love being single, but Hot Girl Summer turns into Boo’ed Up Summer when Venus dances into Libra on August 16. Devotion is the Libra love language! This transit will awaken the attentive lover within, as you pay close attention to the desires of your crush or partner. Just make sure they’ve giving you that same energy back!

Speak your truth and remember you deserve to feel heard, seen and understood.

Mercury moves into Libra on August 30. Collectively, we will all be more open to hearing all sides of the story. In other words, we’ll be seeking out harmonious exchanges in our relationships. At the same time, you will notice if your relationships feel slightly unbalanced. Speak your truth and remember you deserve to feel heard, seen and understood.

On September 10, Venus steps into Scorpio. Bella and Edward Cullen embody the magnetism of Scorpio love—intense, possessive and fated. Lust is one of the seven cardinal sins and kingdoms have gone to war with each other for their consorts. Expect your relationships to get extra lusty around this time.

In the money department, boss babes worldwide are likely to sign some very lucrative deals at the end of summer. Just make sure you’re on top of your finances, as the summer vibes can entice us to “sip champagne when we thirsty” and blow through our budgets as a result.

We end our Hot Girl Summer with a magical Full Moon in Pisces on September 20. This spiritual transit urges you to release a few of your wishes into the universe and trust whatever happens next. Remember, no dream is too big—in fact, perhaps you’re dreaming too small…

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